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Are Garden Veggie Straws Keto? Carbs & Alternatives

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If you’re new to a keto-friendly diet, you may be wondering if Garden Veggie Straws are keto. While they are advertised as a healthy option, they are high in carbs for someone tracking their fat and net carbs.

We love Garden Veggie Straws because they offer a lower calorie, lower carb option compared to traditional potato chips! With that said, they are also lower in fat than normal chips – which fat is important on a keto diet! Below we’ll look at the carbs and fat in each flavor.

Are vEGGIE sTRAWS good for keto?

Garden Veggie Straws are too high in carbs (16-17 carbs) to be considered keto-friendly. You could possibly include them into your keto meal plan, but there are definitely better keto-friendly snacks out there.

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Garden Veggie Straws Varieties

There are currently 5 flavors to choose from! They are:

  • Sea Salt Garden Veggie Straws – 130 Calories 7 Fat, 17 Carbs, >1 Protein
  • Screamin’ Hot Garden Veggie Straws – 130 calories, 7 Fat, 17 Carbs >1 Protein
  • Zesty Ranch Garden Veggie Straws – 130 calories, 7 Fat, 16 Carbs >1 Protein
  • Cheddar Cheese Garden Veggie Straws – 130 calories, 7 Fat, 16 Carbs, 1 Protein
  • Apple Straws – 140 calories, 7 Fat, 17 Carbs, 1 Protein

What’s Cool About Veggie Straws

While Garden Veggie Straws aren’t a great low carb choice, we do love that each variety is:

  • gluten-free,
  • no artificial flavors or preservatives,
  • kosher,
  • and cholesterol free!

If you’re looking for keto friendly snacks, we have a great list of ready-to-eat keto snacks on Amazon, as well as, homemade keto snack recipes!

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