Shift Shop vs Insanity or Insanity MAX 30

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Which program is the best: Shift Shop vs Insanity or Insanity Max 30? All 3 improve your agility and endurance. We outline each workout program’s length, fitness level, diet and equipment below.

Shift Shop vs Insanity or Insanity MAX 30

Shift Shop vs Insanity or Insanity MAX 30

Now let’s dig into each program’s workouts and meal plan to help you find the best program for your lifestyle and goals!

Shift Shop

  • Workout Time: 25-45 Minutes
  • Fitness Level: Intermediate
  • Modifier: The modifications and attention to form are great!
  • Diet Difficulty: Moderate – Uses portion control & macros, No treats, Changes Each Week.
  • Equipment Needed: Agility markers & 2 Sets of Weights (Sandbag optional)


  • Workout Time: 30-60
  • Fitness Level: Advanced
  • Modifier: No modifier or explanation of proper form.
  • Diet Difficulty: Difficult – No treats and follows macros. It’s not as simply laid out as Shift Shops.
  • Equipment Needed: Just room to move (Mat optional)

If you do Insanity’s meal plan, make sure to eat enough! We’ve had clients stay at 1200-1400, and they don’t lose weight until bumping up a little more.

Insanity MAX 30

  • Workout Time: 25-45 Minutes
  • Fitness Level: Advanced
  • Modifier: Yes, and the attention to good form is great!
  • Diet Difficulty: Easiest of the 3 – Uses Containers & No treats.
  • Equipment Needed: Just room to move (Mat optional)

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Recap: Shift Shop vs Insanity or MAX 30

Insanity is our least favorite of the 3. It’s meal plan isn’t as simple, and month 2 is pretty crazy.

Choosing between Shift Shop and Insanity Max 30 is tough. I would say choose which one fits best into your schedule.

Shift Shop is 25-50 minutes long whereas Max 30 is only a half hour.

Shift Shop also requires weights where this workout program doesn’t.

The speed and intensity are about the same in both programs. Both Shaun T and Chris Downing are so motivating.

If you struggle with food, Shift Shop’s meal plan is my favorite of the two.

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Beachbody Performance Supplement Review

Beachbody Supplements

For any of these 3 programs, we personally use and recommend Energize & Recover.

Energize can help give you energy before you workout, lift heavier during and over time it’s been shown to give better results than not using it.

Recover is for muscle recovery & soreness. It’s taken after your workout.

You can learn more about each supplement here or try a sampler pack to see how you like them!!

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If you’re not into streaming, you can order all 3 programs on DVD with printed materials!

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