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Pre-and Post Natal Workouts Online [Fit During Pregnancy]

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More pre- and post natal workouts are being offered online than ever before! Whether you’re looking for an online prenatal fitness class to help you prepare for the birth or a post-natal class to strengthen your core and boost your energy, you can find a great program that fits your busy life!

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Exercising during your pregnancy can improve your overall health, help your stay in shape, and even prepare you for childbirth! (Source) Studies suggest only about 40% of pregnant women actually workout though.

Below, we’ll look at how staying active in smart and safe ways can boost a woman up both mentally and physically during and after childbirth. 

Benefits of Pre-and Post Natal Workouts

During pregnancy, working out can help:

Exercise may also help with:

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Research suggests that there may also be benefits for the baby, such as:

  • a lower fetal heart rate
  • a healthier birth weight
  • a lower fat mass
  • improved stress tolerance
  • enhanced nervous system development

pre and post natal workouts

What are the best exercises during pregnancy?

We recommend finding a workout that you enjoy and that your doctor approves. We also recommend finding a workout program that is designed specifically to be done either  pre- or post-natal. 

Our bodies change during pregnancy and after childbirth, so it only stands to reason that our workouts will also need to change too.

Elise doing Barre Blend

We recommend Elise Joan’s Pre & Post Natal Barre Blend workouts to help maximize labor preparedness and support postpartum recovery.

The 20+ low-impact, high energy workouts include barre, cardio, Pilates, and strength training to help with mobility, stability, and strength. 

Each workout is designed based on the trimester you’re in currently as well, and Elise has also included mindful practices including breath-work, visualization, and elements of Lamaze into the workouts.

How can I make my arms skinnier during pregnancy?

You’ll want to follow a healthy diet and stay active during your pregnancy to tone your upper and lower body. While it’s impossible to just spot-treat one area like your arms, you will see full-body results by eating healthy and working out.

We love that Elise really focuses on your arm definition using 2lb weights, and she makes every workout a lower body focus — which really tones up your legs!

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How can I make my tummy flat after delivery?

The Pre & Post Natal Barre Blend workouts also help you strengthen and tone your tummy after pregnancy.

Core de Force is another great program to strengthen your belly because the core work is designed to help with rectus diastasis.

How can I tone my legs during pregnancy?

Lower body moves have to be modified during pregnancy — so it may feel frustrating if your goal is to tone your legs. A Barre class like Barre Blend could be a great choice because it’s low impact and focuses on little pulses to help tone your legs!

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Exercise Tips During Pregnancy

Your body is constantly changing during pregnancy, and each trimester is going to be different.

So it’s important that you listen to your body and talk to your doctor before starting a new program.

When should a pregnant woman stop exercising?

Your doctor should be able to tell you if and when you should limit exercise and explain why. You should also let him or her know if you experience any issues or pain during a workout.

You should stop exercising and call a doctor if you:

  • feel dizzy,
  • have chest pain or feel like your heart is beating abnormally,
  • feel your stomach getting tighter or have stomach pain,
  • have any bleeding from your vagina,
  • feel pain in your pelvis,
  • are abnormally tired,
  • get a bad headache,
  • feel very weak,
  • have swelling or pain in your legs,
  • or feel like the baby isn’t moving as much.

And it goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyways), always stop and call your doctor if you feel off or like something just “isn’t right.”

It’s also not recommended that you exercise if you have Braxton Hicks, any bleeding, or pain in your stomach or pelvis.

Getting Started with Your Pre- and Post- Natal Workouts

If you liked the sound of Barre Blend, we think you’ll love the strength, endurance, stability, and mobility it offers.

Here’s a quick video from the trainer as well:

We also had the chance to chat with Elise about her workouts and positive mindset on our podcast! You can listen below or by subscribing to The Kim and Kalee Show.

You can learn more about Barre Blend’s Pregnancy Workouts or start them on Beachbody on Demand

Beachbody on Demand allows you to stream 100s of workouts with your membership – including Barre Blend’s pre and post natal workouts, as well as, Core de Force, 21 Day Fix, and dozens of others after you give birth!

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