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Barre Blend Review| Is it Good for Weight Loss?

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I’ve never been more excited to share my thoughts on a workout! When I decided to do a Barre Blend review I wondered if the workouts would be hard enough to be good for weight loss.  Now I can honestly say these low-impact, high-intensity workouts are so effective for losing weight and toning up all over!!

Below, you’ll find a free sample workout, as well as, what my mom and I loved (and hated) about this program after completing 1 full round of workouts.

Barre Blend Cast
We’re in love with these at home barre classes, and we were amazed at how many calories we burned! (Plus, our whole body felt the burn every workout!)

What is Barre Blend?

Barre Blend combines ballet barre, Pilates, and cardio interval training to help you lose weight and create long, lean muscles! The high intensity, low impact workout keeps your heart rate up with high-reps of small-range movements, dynamic exercises, core stabilization and active stretches.

The at home program was created by Elise Joan, from Beachbody’s 3 Week Yoga Retreat. She’s a testament to the workout; she’s in her 40’s! She looks amazing and is so full of energy and positivity! We recently got to sit down and chat with her on our podcast, The Kim and Kalee Show!

Who will love Beachbody on Demand Barre Workouts?

  • Women looking to build long, lean muscle without bulking up.
  • Anyone looking for a low-impact workout.
  • Those people like us that have been begging for Beachbody on Demand Barre workouts!
  • Someone looking for a great low-impact workout.
  • Someone who hates HIIT workouts but loves a good calorie burn!

Our Barre Blend Review

What We Loved

  • The variety in the program was amazing! We loved never repeating a workout!
  • We were so sore (in a good way) every week! We felt challenged throughout the program.
  • Each workout really worked our muscles in a way we never had exercised before.
  • We loved that each workout combined cardio, balance, strength, and flexibility!
  • It’s definitely a program you can do again and again because of the different levels she offers.

What We Didn’t Love / Had to Get Used To

  • I can’t say I didn’t love Elise’s positivity because I did, but she may be a bit over-the-top for some people.
  • We also had to give ourself time and grace to struggle with some of the new moves. It took some time to get good at them.
  • It would be nice if it included a full meal plan. We recommend using 2B Mindset with the workouts.

Free weights and adidas shoes

What equipment do you need for Barre Blend?

You’ll need Beachbody on Demand, a ballet bar or chair, and a little motivation!

You can also add in 1-3lb dumbbells for an added burn. We used up to 2 lbs and really felt it!  You also don’t need a ballet bar to do the workout – just a sturdy chair! We also liked to pair Beachbody’s Unstress: 21 Days of Meditation with this program!

Barre Blend Before and After Photos

Barre Blend Results

The results from this workout have been amazing! You can view more Barre Blend before and after photos here!

Before and after Barre Blend photo

How many calories do you burn in Barre Blend?

We’ve been burning about 270 calories per 30 minute workout and 350 in the 40 minute classes!! Your calorie burn may be more and can be tracked with an Apple Watch or Fitbit.

How long are the Beachbody on Demand Barre Workouts?

They range from 30-40 minutes, and the program is 8 weeks long.

Barre Blend Workout Calendar

Barre Blend Calendar 

The Barre Blend workout schedule is 5 days a week with the option to do active recovery workouts on the weekend. Every workout is recorded in real-time! So while the class names are the same each week, you’ll never repeat the same workout twice!

The workout calendar looks like this:

  • Monday: Classic Full Body Blend
  • Tuesday: Booty Blend
  • Wednesday: Cardio Blend
  • Thursday: Core Blend
  • Friday: Lean Legs Blend

You also receive 4 rest and replenish workouts you can do on the weekends of whenever you need an extra stretch! They’re called 10 Minute Yoga Blend, 15 Minute Yoga Blend, Chair Stretch, and Roll & Replenish.

25 Additional 10-Minute Workouts

Elise recorded an additional 25 workouts that you can either add onto your workout, do as a quick pick-me-up, or combine to create your own customized 30 minute workout.

10 Minute Barre Blend Enhancement Workouts

  1. Enhance the Core
  2. Enhance Your Cardio
  3. Enhance the Upper Body
  4. Enhance the Lower Body
  5. Enhance the Booty
  6. Side Lying Legs
  7. Booty Band Party
  8. Arm Party
  9. Bodyweight Barre
  10. Power Chair Series
  11. Breathwork Flow
  12. More Standing Core
  13. Full Body Sculpt
  14. Ripped in Ready
  15. Enhance Your Lean legs
  16. Shredded Arms
  17. Best Booty Ever
  18. Feel Good Cardio
  19. Barre Burn
  20. Rev Up / Slim Down
  21. Fat Burn 101
  22. Lift, Shape, and Elevate
  23. Define and Flow
  24. Tone and Tighten
  25. Power Flow

She also includes 2 prep workouts, tutorials of some of the moves, and Barre Blend’s pre- and post natal workouts!

Try a Barre Blend Sample Workout

Barre Blend is only available for Beachbody on Demand members, but we’re giving you a sneak peek with a free Barre workout class!

Barre Blend Sample Workout.

This Barre Blend sample workout will give you an idea of what to expect from the full program. If you’re like us – you’ll be dripping sweat and having fun for the full 30 minutes!

Bowl of Quinoa and Veggies for Barre Blend's Nutrition Plan

The Barre Blend Nutrition Plan

The Barre Blend Meal Plan focuses on using either Ultimate Portion Fix or the 2B Mindset along with Shakeology will help you feel your best (see how Shakeology helped us here), and the nutrition plan will help you see maximum results in just 60 days!

We personally prefer the 2B Mindset because it’s a little more flexible, but if you’re looking for a more structured plan, we’d recommend the color coded containers offered with Ultimate Portion Fix.

If you have questions on either program, please let us know using the form below.

2B Mindset vs Portion Control Containers: Which Should You Use?

Barre Blend Workout Leg Lift

Is it on DVD?

No, Barre Blend is exclusively available to stream on Beachbody on Demand (BOD). If you haven’t tried BOD with it yet, it’s really simple to use and gives you access to hundreds of home workouts! You can even download up to a week’s worth of workouts and stream to your TV with the right device.

What is included with Barre Blend?

Yes, Barre Blend is available for all Beachbody on Demand Members!

Members receive access to:

  • All of the workouts
  • Intro videos to help with form and technique
  • Get Started Guide
  • I AM Daily Affirmation Cards (printed or digital) 
  • 40 4-5 Minute Meditations with Elise
  • Workout Calendars
  • 4 week-long meal plans

Plus with Beachbody on Demand, you’ll get access to 40+ Beachbody programs like LIIFT4, Morning Meltdown 100, 21 Day Fix, and 9 Week Control Freak.

Get Beachbody on Demand Now

elise in a barre blend class

How to Stream Barre Blend

If you have Beachbody on Demand, you’ll see it in your library now!

If you don’t have Beachbody on Demand already, you can sign up and get started today!

You have a couple options:

  1. 14-day FREE trial: You can get a free trial by clicking here and then selecting the 3 month option from the dropdown menu. It’s $39.95 per quarter after the trial.
  2. 6-month membership: If you choose this option, you have a 30 day money back guarantee, and it’s $59 dollars billed twice yearly.
  3. BEST DEAL: Annual membership: If you choose the annual membership, it’s $99 each year. You also get the 30 day money back guarantee with this option as well.

You can do a FREE 14-Day Trial right now!

We put together a Beachbody on Demand Guide that can help answer any questions as well!

Kalee & Kim Gym

Should You Be a Beachbody Coach?

If you love working out at home and sharing your tips to looking and feeling your best, you might also enjoy being a Beachbody coach! We started coaching back in 2011, and it’s completely changed our lives! We put together a full Beachbody Coach Guide that may help you decide if it’s a good fit, and we’re also happy to help with any questions! Email us: Thegirls@soreyfitness.com

How much is Beachbody Barre Blend?

There are a few different ways to order Barre Blend, and that effects the price. You could try it free with a 14 Day Beachbody on Demand trial (Select the 3 month option), or you could add on Shakeology or Beachbody’s Performance Line.

Your Ordering Options

Barre Blend - Beachbody on Demand Barre Workouts

To Recap

Barre Blend is an effective workout for weight loss and total body toning. The 8-week program combines ballet barre, Pilates, and cardio interval training to transform your body and mind. Elise focuses on high intensity, high-reps of small-range movements, dynamic exercises, core stabilization and active stretches to get your results! All you need is 30-40 minutes, a sturdy chair, and 1-3 pound weights!

You can try the workout on Beachbody on Demand now!

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  1. This sounds intriguing. I really enjoy pilates and barre. I’ll have to look into it a bit more. Not sure if it would be worth the cost since I only do one pilates workout a week for an active recovery day.

  2. The hardest part of working out for me is losing that flabby tummy fat. Since I don’t really enjoy exercise, I’m looking for simple ways to melt the belly fat while I stay in shape. Is that a difficult goal to accomplish?

  3. Thank you for the thorough review! For someone who is currently active and completed several beach body programs (just finished 21 day fix extreme this morning :) ) is it necessary to do the month of prep or can I just jump right in to the 8 week program?

    1. I’d jump right in because of your experience! :) She goes pretty quickly so I found myself missing a few reps the first time around, but I still loved it and felt empowered versus overwhelmed…so I say go for it!