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5 Ways to Do Beachbody’s MBF Without a BOD Rope

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We’re obsessed with Beachbody’s latest workout, MBF & MBFA (Muscle Burns Fat)! With that said, we know some people don’t have a cordless jump rope or BOD Rope to use. So we wanted to share how to do MBF without it!

collage of megan davies and cordless jump rope

The new Beachbody workout, MBF & MBFA, includes strength training with cardio intervals using a weighted, cordless jump rope called a BOD Rope.

The BOD Rope is exclusive to Beachbody, and with everything going on right now and the popularity of this program, they are shipping slowly.

woman jumping rope

The Benefits of Jumping Rope

Jumping rope – whether it has a the rope or not – works your entire body!

Jumping Rope:

  • burns more calories than jogging!
  • boosts your coordination and agility.
  • helps your brain stay younger because of the coordination and balance. (source)
  • is a high-impact plyometric move that builds power in the legs!
  • helps with cross training and stamina!

Since BOD Ropes are hard to find, we found a few other options to help you start today!


5 BOD Rope Alternatives

Grab a Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope on Amazon (If it’s sold out, try this brand instead)

We honestly can’t tell how these two jump ropes on Amazon are any different than the original BOD Rope. 

1. Create Your Own!

People have been getting pretty creative with creating their own BOD Ropes! We recommend buying one – whether from Beachbody or Amazon though because it just seems safer.

2. DIY BOD Rope Idea #1

If you don’t want to buy a BOD Rope, you could always take regular jump rope, cut the rope at 12inches and attach a racquetball to each side with duck-tape. 

socks and a pink tennis ball

3. DIY BOD Rope Idea #2

Another idea would be to put a racquetball or tennis ball into a pair of long socks, tie a knot in each one, and use them instead of the rope.

4. Go Without the Rope

You can make believe you have the rope and still jump! You’ll still get your heart rate up and activate the core by jumping!

5. Substitute in Your Favorite HIIT Moves

Since I don’t have a BOD Rope, I have been just adding in my favorite HIIT moves! I do sumo squats, squat jumps, catchers, skaters, and bears from LIIFT4 on leg day, and punches, crosses, and upper cuts from 10 Rounds on upper body day.

On full body days, I mix it up with all of my favorite moves!

muscle burns fat calendar, dumbbells, supplements, and BOD rope

Getting MBF & MBFA

If not having a BOD Rope has held you back from ordering MBF/MBFA, we hope these ideas and suggestions help you start today!

You can order MBF here!

You may also like to see the MBF and MBFA Results we put together as well!

Check out our Beachbody on Demand review if you’re new to streaming.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to stream to your phone, computer, and even your TV with a streaming device!!

*The ideas and suggestions here are purely for informational sake. You should always make sure your workout equipment is secure and safe before exercising.


  1. You guys are brilliant, really!! The ball in the long sock is the best idea ever, until the BOD ropes are back in stock. I used some worn tube socks, and yoga massage balls (I found a tennis ball to be too light). Easy-peasy and FREE, with stuff I already had in the house. I also don’t have to worry about the ball coming off and flying across the room (see below), so I can go a little heavier. Bonus: I can still massage my feet with the very same balls-in-socks when I am done jumping. I also love, in this era of disinfecting everything, that I can throw the socks into a hot wash n dry, after a few uses.

    Unfortunately, before seeing your ideas, I did purchase (very similar to the one you show) a ropeless jump rope from Amazon. What an inferior product! The little shorty “ropes” were very different lengths, with one being too short to even adjust properly. The foam balls on the ends were too light, and one came off and flew across the room. That was fun ,lol.

    Anyway, thanks. I am very psyched.

  2. There was a comment above that tennis balls are too light. How much would you say the “real” balls weigh at the end of the BODs jump rope? I was considering putting 1-2 golf balls. I haven’t looked for a stash yet but I think they may be heavier than the tennis balls.

    1. The BOD Rope probably is a tad bit heavier, but I would say it’s close. They do have a little weight to them (maybe .5-1 lb), but they’re not heavy. The difference in weight shouldn’t effect your results while you wait for your BOD Ropes, or you could always do one of the other options. :)

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