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About Jericho Mcmatthews – Beachbody Fitness Trainer

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Jericho Mcmatthews is the creator of BODi’s Core de Force, Morning Meltdown and Fire & Flow.  She was formerly with Les Mills. Below we’ll look at her age, heigh, weight, and husband. (Updated 2024)

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What is Jericho McMatthews’ age?

Jericho is 41 years old, and she was in her 30s when Morning Meltdown 100 came out.

What is Jericho McMatthews height?

Jericho McMatthews is 5’3″.

Jericho from Beachbody

Is Jericho still with Beachbody?

Yes, Jericho is still with Beachbody and released a Morning Meltdown 100 Super Block in 2023.

She’s also active on BODi’s live class schedule.

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Is Jericho McMatthews Joel Freeman’s wife?

No, Jericho and Joel were never married.

They met through Les Mills, and then they created Core de Force with Beachbody as friends.

Joel Freeman was married to Breanne Freeman, but they divorced in 2022.


Yes, Jericho is married to Josef McMatthews, and they’ve been married since 2015. Josef is a health and fitness advisor.

Before getting married, she was Jericho McDuffie.

Jericho and Joel Freeman from Beachbody

She’s also a mom to one son. This picture was back in 2015 when he was a newborn.

Does jericho mcmatthews have a twin?

Yes, Jericho has an identical twin named Jill.

Is her hair real?


Jericho McMatthews’ Workouts

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