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BODi Super Blocks Schedule (2023 & 2024 Calendar)

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Beachbody released a BODi Super Block each month in 2023 and plans to release four Super Blocks in 2024. Below is the BODi Super Blocks schedule including T25, 21 Day Fix, and new takes on your favorite Beachbody workouts. (Updated March 2024)

beachbody bodi super blocks schedule

What are Bodi Super Blocks?

Super BODi Blocks are 3-week programs followed by a week of recovery workouts. Each block is led by a well-known Beachbody trainer and are around 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Note: You must have a BODi subscription to purchase or unlock a Super Block. We recommend the BODi Essentials Collection because it includes a Super Block.

2024 BODi Super Blocks

You can expect 4 BODi Super Blocks in 2024. They are:

Elise Joan also has a new workout, LAVA, coming out in June!

Elise Joan BODI LAVA promotional image

Equipment Needed for Bodi Blocks

Most of the workouts use dumbbells, and at least one of them requires an adjustable weight bench. We love this weight bench, and we’ve been using the same set of BowFlex SelectTech Dumbbells for over 15 years! 

Jump to Your Favorite Workout

BODi membership screenshot across laptop tablet and desktop

Are super blocks included in BODi?

2024’s new Super BODi Blocks are not automatically included with a BODi membership, but members can stream the 2023 Super BODi Blocks at no additional charge.

BODi Super Blocks cost

BODi members can unlock Super Blocks with a qualifying nutrition subscription or purchase them as a standalone product.

BODi members can also stream any of the 2023 Super BODi Blocks at no additional cost now!

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Bodi Super Block Calendar 2023

The Super BODi Block Schedule for 2023

Each Super Block starts on the first Monday of the month, and you can pre-order it the whole month before it’s available to stream. Below are details for the 2023 BODi Super Blocks.

April – 21 Day Fix Super block

21 day fix super block

What is the 21 day fix super block?

The 21 Day Fix Super Block combines cardio and resistance training to help you see results in just 3 weeks. The program is designed to help you feel stronger and gain confidence, and it also includes a 4th week of recovery workouts to nurture your mental well-being.

Equipment Needed: Light, Medium & Heavy Dumbbells

With the 21 Day Fix Super BODi Block you get access to BRAND NEW workouts including — Total Body Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Cardio Fix, Dirty 30, and a 5-Minute Core Workout, plus, the 2 recovery workouts in week 4.

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May – T25 Super Block

new b25 and t25 super blocks on bodi

What is T25 super block?

The T25 Super Block combines cardio, lower, and upper body strength moves, as well as, Shaun T’s signature dynamic core work. The 25 minute workouts require maximum effort, but every move can be done without jumping. When you unlock this Super Block, you also get B25 — the T25 Bike workouts!

Equipment Needed: Light and Medium Dumbbells, MYX Bike (Optional)

The T25 BODi Super Block offers Cardio, Lower Focus, Dynamic Core, Upper Focus, and Total Body Climb. It also includes the Delta Challenger and Delta Finisher in week 4.

If you the MYX Bike, you may like B25. It includes Be You, Be Powerful, Be Focused, Be Strong, and Be Dynamic cycling workouts. It also includes Be Challenged and Be Committed in wee 4.

The T25 Super Block includes both T25 and B25.

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Job 1 super block

June – Job 1 Super block

The Job 1 Super Block focuses on strength training 3 days a week and cardio 2 days a week. Each workout is 20 minutes and offers modifications. This Super Block also includes cycling workouts as an option for members with the MYX Bike. The cycling classes are also 20 minutes.

Equipment Needed: Light, Medium and Heavy Dumbbells, Resistance Loops, MYX Bike (Optional)

The Job 1 Super Block includes Stay Strong, HIIT It, Build & Burn,  20-Minute Sweat Session, and Finish Stronger. The Bike 1 block includes HIIT Your Peak, Embrace the Climb, In the Zone, Power Tempo, Test the Limit, and Take it Easier.

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barre blend super block bodi

July – Barre Blend Super block

The Barre Blend Super Block combines strength, interval training, and barre moves to tone your entire body in 30 minutes. If you’re looking for mobility work, the Barre Blend Super Block is a great option — especially the Barre Blend Flow Motion and Hustle & Flow workouts that are included in week 4. The Super Block also offers cycling classes as an option.

Equipment Needed: Lightweight Dumbbells (1–5 lbs.), Resistance Loops, Chair or Barre, Yoga Mat (optional)

The BODi Barre Blend Super Block includes Booty Blend, Cardio Blend, Full Body Blend, Lean Legs Blend, and Core Blend. You’ll have access to two active recovery workouts — Flow Motion and Hustle & Flow.

The Super Block also includes 3 optional cycling classes — Ride & Barre, Ride & Yoga, and Flow Ride.

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Amoila Cesar in a promotional picture for chop wood carry water beachbody's newest workout

The new workout program – Chop Wood Carry Water – Is now Available!

Morning Meltdown 100 BODi Super Block Promotional Image

August – Morning Meltdown 100 Super block

Jericho’s Morning Meltdown 100 Super Block combines HIIT-based cardio, core training, mixed martial arts, and metabolic strength training for a tough 30 minute workout. She’s also included recovery workouts in week 4. This Super Block goes on sale July 1st and starts August 7, 2023.

Equipment Needed: Light, Medium & Heavy Dumbbells

The Morning Meltdown 100 Super Block includes LIT Cardio, MeltCon Upper, Core Inferno, MeltCon Lower, and Fight Club. Week 4 includes two fan favorite workouts — Total Body Bad*** and Freestyle Flow.
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Autumn holding fruit with the words 4 week gut protocol and 4 weeks fo every body

September – 4 Week Gut Protocol Super block

If you’re looking for low impact workouts and to focus on gut health, Autumn’s 4 Weeks for Every Body is a great BODI Super Block. It includes 16 workouts that are 30 mintues a day. You’ll need a core ball and dumbbells for this workout.

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Pre-Order the 4 Week Gut Protocol Super Block in August

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megan davies on mbf set

October – Muscle Burns Fat Super block

Megan’s MBF Super block is 25-35 minutes a day and includes 17 unique workouts. You’ll need a BOD Rope and dumbbells for the total body workouts. You may also like our Muscle Burns Fat review.


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andrea rogers on the beachbody xtend barre stage with a medicine ball

November – XB Pilates Super block

XB Pilates offers a high energy workout but without the jumps. This Super Block includes 15 low-impact workouts, 30 minutes a day. You’ll need strength slides, resistance loops, light dumbbells, and a mat.

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joel on the BODi set of liift more

December – LIIFT More Super block

LIIFT More includes 17 unique workouts, and each workout is about 35 minutes. You’ll need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, as well as, an adjustable bench, power loops, and possibly a mat.

This is the bench we bought for LIIFT More, and we love it! We use SelectTech Dumbbells to save space as well.

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BODi Blocks in App
*The Iron BODi Block is also listed, but it wouldn’t fit into my screen for the picture.

What is the difference between a super block and a BODi block?

A BODi Block is a combination of workouts led by different trainers and is offered with a BODi membership. A Super Block is a remake of a popular Beachbody program set into the new BODi Block format. Both include new workouts.

You can find out more about BODi & how much it costs here.

Are BODi blocks free? 

You receive access to the Iron, All Body, Bike, and Beginners Blocks each month for free with a membership, but the newest Super Blocks are not included. BODi members can stream any of the 2023 Super BODi Blocks at no additional cost though!

You can learn more about the other BODi Blocks here.

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Do BODi super blocks disappear?

No, you have access to Super Blocks that you’ve unlocked as long as you have your BODi membership. 

How to find the Super blocks

If you don’t see the Super Blocks, try looking under the Fitness section of the app.

How to Unlock Super Blocks on BODi

BODi members get access to 3 BODi Blocks, but they do have to unlock Super Blocks. You can do this by purchasing it for $29 or with a qualifying home direct order.

Here are 3 ways to unlock BODi Super Blocks:

  1. You receive 2 Super Blocks when you get the BODi Essentials Collection or any BODi Total-Solution Pack.
  2. You receive 2 Super Blocks when you purchase a supplement on home direct. The supplements include: Shake & Hustle (Shakeology  & Energize), Shakeology, Performance Stack (Energize & Recover), Go & Glow* (Energize, Hydrate, and Collagen), and FIRST THING + LAST THING. Every month you stay on these supplements, you’ll earn next month’s Super Block for free.
  3. Don’t use supplements? You can also unlock any Super Block separately for $29 ($35 CAD, £29 GBP, €35 EUR).

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Kim and Kalee with Autumn Calabrese from the 21 Day Fix Workouts

We’d love to help you see if becoming a BODi partner (formerly called a Beachbody Coach) or a BODi affiliate is a good fit for you! You can email us at thegirls@soreyfitness.com or the following posts may help you decide if it’s a good fit!

Get $20 off Your BODI ESSENTIALS COLLECTION with code kaleetsp20

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