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Shaun T Dig Deeper Workouts BODi Review (2024)

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Shaun T’s DIG DEEPER includes intense strength training workouts to burn fat and build muscle. The 12-week program is only on BODi. Below is more about the equipment needed, Dig Deeper results, and how to try the sample workout.

Shaun T on the DIG DEEPER BODi set in 2023

You may know Shaun T for his intense cardio from Insanity or Insanity Max 30 — but this program is focused on lifting heavy weights. You can also see he has put on quite a bit of muscle since his cardio-heavy days!

Updated December 19, 2023: Dig Deeper is AVAILABLE to stream to now! BODi members can purchase access here or if you don’t have BODi, we recommend the Essentials Bundle. With the Bundle, you’ll be offered Dig Deeper for $20 once you go to checkout. You can also get $20 off the Bundle with code KALEETSP20.

Not sure yet? Try the DIG DEEPER Sample Workout


DIG DEEPER is Shaun T’s 12-week strength program that focuses on progressive overload training to create a lean, muscular body. The workouts are 6 days a week and range from 30-50 minutes a day.

It includes 3 phases of workouts that are suitable for all levels of exercisers. You can expect 5 days of lifting weights and 1 day of low-impact cardio a week.

What equipment do you need for DIG DEEPER?

You’ll need a variety of weights including heavy weights for DIG DEEPER, as well as, a bench that can lay flat and adjust to an incline. 

There will be no modifications for someone without a bench.

shaun t doing a lunge with a weight bench and weight

Equipment We’re Using for Dig Deeper

We recommend Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells because they don’t take up much room and go up to 52.5 lbs. If you need heavier, they also have the BowFlex SelectTech 1090’s that go up to 90 lbs!


We also like this adjustable weight bench. It worked great with LIIFT MORE.

shaun t trainer with his trainer kristen

Why We Like This Workout

This is the first Shaun T workout that has focused on building muscle mass while decreasing body fat through strength training. We love the low-impact cardio as well to protect our knees and joints!

Plus, with every Shaun T workout, you get so motivated! We love his training style.

Shaun also brought in his trainer, Kristen, for these workouts. She’s a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Personal Trainer, and she’s able to offer several tips for improving your form and mobility.


collage of shaun t working out and text overlay above says are shaun t's dig deeper workouts right for you

Is DIG DEEPER good for weight loss?

DIG DEEPER focuses on gaining muscle mass while reducing body fat versus weight loss. You should see your body’s composition improve and look leaner and tighter, but you may not see the scale move much.

If you’re looking for a BODi workout that is good for weight loss, check out INSANITYTransform 20, or LIIFT 4.

Dig Deeper Results

Even though this program isn’t designed for weight loss primarily, the Dig Deeper test group did lose weight! Below are their 90 day Dig Deeper before and after Photos!

Dig Deeper Results

dig deeper before and after female shaun t workout results before and after woman dig deeper before and after pictures female dig deeper before and after photo man Dig Deeper before and after 90 days

Dulce's before and after dig deeper results

When is DIG DEEPER coming out?

DIG DEEPER was released on BODi on December 19, 2023.

BODi members can purchase access here or if you don’t have BODi, we recommend the Essentials Bundle.

With the Bundle, you’ll be offered Dig Deeper for $20 once you go to checkout. You can also get $20 off the Bundle with code KALEETSP20.

What is in the Dig Deeper Essentials Bundle?

Right now you can get Dig Deeper, 2 Super Blocks (basically two 3-week programs of your choice), Shakeology, Energize, a Shaker Cup, Meal Prep Containers, a Food Tracker, AND BODi for a year for $199 plus tax with code KALEETSP20

To Get the Deal:

  • Click Here
  • Pick your Shakeology & Energize flavor and Add to Bag
  • Click Checkout and sign in when prompted
  • There on the checkout page – you’ll see DIG DEEPER for $20 – Add it to the cart
  • Add the promo code KALEETSP20 when you get to Payment

Still debating? Try the free sample workout!

Shaun T Dig Deeper Balloons

Shaun T Workouts List on BODi

If you’re looking for more Shaun T Workouts on BODi, check out:

We know a strength program that isn’t tied to weight loss can be scary for women especially. So if you’d like help deciding if this program is for you feel free to email us at thegirls@soreyfitness.com or using the form below.

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