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Have you heard of Hammer and Chisel? I’m tackling the Master’s Chisel Calendar and meal plan starting today! I am excited and also a little petrified to share 30 days with Autumn Calabrese. I love her, but these workouts are no joke!

Here’s a peek at my Chisel calendar and Chisel meal plan!

But before we dig into the details, did you know I already did a round of the Master’s Hammer and Chisel? I love it, and I saw some great results.

I started with Hammer & Chisel – find out what I loved and hated!

My 30 Day Master’s Chisel Calendar

Hammer and Chisel Workout Chisel Calendar

Print the 30 Day Chisel Schedule

The workouts range from 30-40 minutes, and they are advanced. You can learn more about the Chisel Workouts here.

If you love this schedule or just Autumn’s workoutsmake sure to check out her newest program: 80 Day Obsession!

Your Workouts

Chisel Workouts


Chisel Balance 41
Iso Strength Chisel 37
Chisel Endurance 37
Chisel Cardio 39
Chisel Agility 39
Total Body Chisel 36
10 Min Ab Chisel 11
The Master’s Cardio 18
Power Chisel 30
15 Min Glute Chisel 18

Working out is just part of the equation though!

I am pretty good at staying consistent with my workouts, but the nutrition part is always the hardest for me.

Now, it’s time to clean my diet back up too! A meal plan is the best way for me to stay on track and count my containers.

My Master’s Chisel Meal Plan

The Chisel Meal Plan is based on the original program, and it includes the color-coded containers.

Master Chisel Calendar Meal PlanPrint my Sample Chisel Meal Plan

A Look at My Chisel Meal Plan

This meal plan is a loose adaption from the 21 Day Fix meal plan and the Countdown to Competition meal plan in 21 Day Fix Extreme. You’ll notice this in the container count under each meal.  Each day is approximately 1200-1400 calories because I fall into the first bracket on the plan.


I did include a few recipes not featured in this post. You can always substitute them in with something else, or you can try the recipes with me.

The Summer Harvest Salad and Glo Bars are from the Oh She Glows Cookbook.

I love using this cookbook because it mixes in vegan options. While I’m not a vegan, I think is important to keep a balance of nutrition in. :)

Details on the Chisel Nutrition Plan

The thing I love about the Hammer & Chisel meal plan is that you can really customize it for your goals – lose weight, maintain weight but lean out, or gain muscle mass.

Autumn and Sagi talk about the options and give some tips:

5 Tips For Getting the Best Results

  1. Commit for 30 Days – I love that this program is intense and only 30 days.
  2. Made a Schedule – Putting your workouts and meal prep in the calendar helps you stick to your plans.
  3. Write it Down – Use your workout sheets to track your weights during the workout and track your meals during the day.
  4. Take Your Supplements – The Performance line can help with energy, muscle soreness and better results with time.
  5. Trust the Process – Every day you’re working towards your goals. Don’t worry about changing the calendar or the container counts – they’re exactly what they should be.

I seriously need these extreme workouts and simple meal plan after vacation.

I literally ate whatever I wanted. I always let myself eat whatever on vacation, and then go back to a normal diet after. Life’s too short to not have a Mega Stuff’d Oreo here and there.

With that said – it’s a vacation…7 days and I look 3 months pregnant after all that crappy food. Now it’s time to recommit!

orange beach 2016


I have the secret weapon to complete the 30-day Chisel Calendar too:


It’s one thing for me to say I am going to do the Chisel Calendar, and it’s another to follow through with it for 30 days.

I have an amazing group of people online supporting me that are doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme or another workout to keep me motivated and offer support when I feel like I’m falling short.

We also are all the time sharing recipes, tips, and our progress.

If you’d like to join us or just find the best workout and meal plan for you – I’d love to chat! You can comment below or email us at

I also plan on sharing updates on our Facebook page.

Feel free to stalk it and share how you are doing too to keep both of us on point to hitting our goals!!

This calendar is happening at the perfect time because our big coach convention is like 31 days away! I know I will feel more energetic, healthy, and confident/strong after this month!!

team beachbody coach

For me the ultimate accountability is being a Beachbody Coach. I love being able to be around other people working on their health and fitness goals. We’re all different sizes, in different parts of our fitness journey and vary in age and demographics.

There is something really empowering and motivating that happens when you see yourself as working with a group. I know they are going to be motivated by me because I’m motivated by them.

If you’d like to learn more about coaching, we put together a full Beachbody Coach FAQ guide that outlines some of the common questions people have!

Have you completed the Master’s Chisel Calendar? If so, what were your results?

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Autumn Calabrese's Master Chisel workouts and meal plan are no joke. Get your printable calendar and sample meal plan to get max results with me.

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