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Transform 20 Meal Plan – Free Plan to Use Today & Tips for Max Results!

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Shaun T’s Transform 20 Meal Plan is a simple and effective to lose weight and tone up! You’ll find out what’s included in the nutrition guide, as well as, a full meal plan you can use right now below!

Transform 20 meal plan

Each plan will be about 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 30% healthy fats if you’re into tracking your macros. You can also add in Shakeology and the Beachbody performance line into the meal plan at any point.

Grab Your Transform 20 Today!

The Transform 20 Meal Plan Includes:

  • How it Works
  • How to Find Your Plan
  • Food List
  • 3 Sample Days
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Recipes
  • Snack & Shakeology Recipes
  • Beverage List
  • Plus Tips for Max Results

Finding Your Transform 20 Meal Plan

Transform 20 uses the portion control containers like many of the Beachbody programs.

The nutrition guide outlines which plan you’ll fall into based on your gender and current weight. There are 5 plans (A-E) that you can fall into.

Based on that information, you’ll know how many portions of each container you’ll get per day.

Plans range from 1200 calories to 2,499 calories.

2b mindset meal plan

Can you do the 2B Mindset with Transform 20?


If you’re loving the 2B Mindset, you can keep going with that meal plan. You can also start 2B Mindset if the portion control containers aren’t your jam.

You can also check the 2B Mindset and Exercise PDF in the Resources section of the 2B Mindset program.

2B Mindset vs Containers

Transform 20 Food Lists

Each food group will be listed on the food list included when you order.

The higher up a food is on the list, the healthier it is for you.

With that said, you should totally enjoy anything on the list! Variety will help you stay consistent with the Transform 20 meal plan.

Grab Your Transform 20 Today!

Sample Transform 20 Meal Plan A

Transform 20 Meal Plan AClick Here Print It

What does Shakeology count as?

Shakeology is 1 red container on Transform 20’s meal plan.

What supplements are recommended with Transform 20?

Since the workouts are only 20 minutes, you’ll want to make sure you’re eating right to see max results!


Shakeology is recommend to help you get in your protein, fiber, probiotics, and vitamins.

Learn More About Shakeology

Workout Supplements

Energize, Recover and Recharge are the recommended workout supplements.

Energize will help you push harder through your workout, and Recover helps with muscle soreness.

Recharge before bed helps with soreness as well and help you get in enough protein for your muscles!

Learn More About The Workout Supplements

BEACHBAR Snack Bars Shown with Nuts and Chocolate Chips


You can also have a BEACHBAR on the plan for 1/2 a red, 1/2 a yellow and 1 tsp.

Learn More About BEACHBARs

Transform 20 Results Women

Tips for Max Results

1. Choose from the foods at the top of the Food Lists provided.

The foods listed at the top offer the best nutritional value for your body.

2. Track your food daily.

This will help you trends in your weight loss & what foods you see the scale move with. It also keeps you mindful of any treats or extra food you may have.

3. Drink your water!

16oz before each meal will help you not only stay hydrated but possibly even curb your appetite.

4. Use Energize.

If there is one workout supplement this workout really needs above the others, we think it’s Energize. It will help you give each workout your all!

5. Meal plan 1x a week and make things easy to grab-and-go!

This also means making foods not on your plan harder to get! So clean out the pantry, stock up on fresh foods and have them washed, prepped and ready each week!

new shaun t workout before and after

Grab Your Transform 20 Today!

Additional Meal Prep Tips

  • Have your meals planned out before the week starts
  • Plan a trip to the grocery
  • Stick to your list!
  • Get your family involved so you’re not cooking 2+ meals!

See Amazing Before & After Photos from Transform 20

What to Do If You’re Starving on Your Plan

If you feel constantly hungry on the plan, try to make it through a week or 2 before adjusting.

After that, you can add in more veggies (green) or 1 protein (red).

If you can’t sleep, feel tired, light-headed or just bad all the time – we suggest going up a plan or trying the 2B Mindset instead.

More on the 2B Mindset

What to Do If You Can’t Eat That Much on Your Plan

If you feel like you’re constantly eating, remember you’re getting in a lot of fiber that you might not be used to.

Try to stick with the plan 1 or 2 weeks before dropping. You can also stick to the higher foods on the list to get the best food choices in.

Are you following the Transform 20 Meal Plan or 2B Mindset?

Are you working with a coach? If not – we’d love to invite you to our Transform 20 Bootcamp!

Tell Us About You Here to Join! 

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