T25 Workout Schedule Calendar – Our Test Group’s Before and After

Focus T25 is Shaun T’s new workout. I just started incorporating into my hybrid, but If you are looking for the complete calendar, just scroll past the general information on the program.

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T25 Test Group-2

T25 is one of the most popular workouts our clients and coaches pick out, and it’s easy to understand why –  Our last test group of 6 women lost 48.5 inches in 21 days using T25! I’d love to help you get the same great results!

Order the T25 Challenge Pack or get the T25 program only here.

If you order through the links above, my mom and I will also be your free Beachbody coach just like we are for the girls in our test group!

*Do not use, take, or replicate this part or our test group members story or pictures.*

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T25 Workout Review

The T25 workouts are only 25 minutes long, but your body fat will be screaming at minute 2! The workouts focus on getting your heart rate high, but you have more control over your form throughout the workout compared to Insanity or Asylum.
I ordered the base kit which is 10 weeks and includes two phases: alpha and beta.
Alpha is the first phase of the T25 workouts, and it’s what I am on right now. Shaun T, the trainer behind T25, described alpha as a tough workout where you have to  mentally focus on proper form. I’ve been burning about 300 calories in 25 minutes (I’m also smaller person – 5’3″ 112-115lbs so a taller/heavier person will burn more).

T25 Challenge Pack

Order the T25 Challenge Pack or get the T25 program only here.

Tried & True Results from Our Test Group

*Do not use, take, or replicate this part or our test group members story or pictures.*

We asked for brave, determined souls to apply to be part of a test group for ShaunT’s Focus T25.  Here’s the amazing part, I asked for the applicants to be willing to stick to the Focus T25 workout schedule AND meal plan from Dec 2nd to Dec 21st. NO exceptions!!! That’s a huge task to take on right before Christmas!!

So you can really understand what our testers took on, here’s a list of the workouts from the Alpha phase of T25.  There’s 3 phases:  Alpha, Beta, and Gamma (available in the deluxe kit).

T25 Alpha Phase

ALPHA Cycle 25-Minute Workouts:

1.  Cardio. 25 minutes of calorie-burning, sweat-drenching cardio.
2.  Speed 1.0. Ignite your quickness. Burn the fat. Fast-paced for fast results.
3.  Total Body Circuit. Focus on strength and resistance—without lifting a single weight.
4.  Ab Intervals. Cardio and ab intervals that shred the fat from your midsection.
5.  Lower Focus. Focus on your lower-body muscles—the key to burning fat and kicking up your metabolism.

The group of 6 ladies lost a total of 48.5 inches in those 21 days!!!! 

Order The T25 Challenge Pack or you can get the T25 program only here.

So the verdict is…Focus T25 works.  It proves, to me at least, that ShaunT did succeed in developing an effective workout that would get an hour’s worth of work done in 25 mins a day!!!  They are tough workouts, but they are done before you know it.  With each workout being only 25 minutes, there’s no excuse not to get in and get your workout done for the day!!!

Here are a few personal stories from some of the T25 Test Group:  

Anna T25-2


“I’ve attempted several Beachbody workouts and I believe this is my soulmate workout! I started this Test Group with a mission of changing my attitude towards food while increasing my endurance and losing weight. Before T25, I had the mentality of rewarding myself with too many cheat treats after an awesome week of healthy eating and working hard. I know that the accountability of this group is what made me stick with the easy to follow meal plan and quick workouts. At the end of the 21 days, I made 5.3 lbs disappear as well as 6.5 inches! I’m happy to say that I’m in my 6th full week of the program and have kept off a total of 7 lbs and 8 inches…even through the holidays! Most importantly, I am so proud of the way my relationship with food has changed as well as the physical changes I’m seeing with my body! It’s all thanks to T25 and the amazing group I worked with!”

Anna T25-3

Anna’s  Test Group Before & After Differences

Right Bicep: -0.25″
Left Bicep: -0.75″
Chest: -0.75″
Waist: -2.25″
Hips: -2.25″
Right Thigh: -0.25″
Left Thigh: 0
Weight: -5.3 lbs

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“I started T25 so that I could prove to myself that I could stick with a program and to set myself up for the holidays. It was easier than I thought (meals & meal planning that is). I had to attend several networking holiday parties for work and I managed to not cheat and stay on track. The meal plan and the workouts helped me to stay focused. I did follow the modifier most of the time due to bad knees and living upstairs. I was so excited to see I lost 11.5 inches in 3 weeks. I managed to lose a few more lbs due to changing my eating habits even though I did not keep up with the workouts after the 21 days. I am going to restart the program and do the full 10 weeks!” 

Roni’s Test Group Before & After Differences

Weight: -8.3
R. bicep: -0.5
L. Bicep: -1.5
Chest: -1
Waist: -2.5
Hips: -3.5
R. Thigh: -1
L. Thigh: -1.5

Order the T25 Challenge Pack or get the T25 program only here.



“I started T25 with the hopes of reducing my anxiety and being happy and healthy in the new year. Not only did it jump start my health for 2014,it also taught me about portion control and helped my relationship with food.  I was in a car accident at the end of the year and I have to say that I am back up on my feet again working out slowly but surely and I give T25 full credit for my fast recovery. Having strong muscles has helped with recovery. Thank you T25 and thank you Kim and Kalee for getting my feet moving again. I’m on day 18 of my Whole 30 and things are looking great!”

Emma’s Facebook Status 12/24:

 “23 days ago I started T25 in hopes of gaining self confidence and strength. I have far exceeded my initial goals. Not only has #t25 given me results physically, it has also helped me with my anxiety and self confidence. I am so happy to be going into the new year stronger and in better shape then I have ever been in my life. I followed a meal plan and ate the right amount of food for my body. I feel empowered and wonderful! Thank you Kim Sorey and Kalee Sorey for lighting the fire under my toosh again. I can’t wait to see what results I get while finishing T25, doing workout classes at Odyssey fitness and completing #thewhole30 in January with Megan Swartwood. 2014 will be an amazing year!”

Emma’s Test Group Before & After Differences

weight- -5.6 lbs
Waist- -2″
R bicep- -.25
L bicep- -.25
L thigh- -1.25
R thigh- 1.25
Chest- 2”


Audrie’s started T25 after having her baby.  The before pic is 2 weeks prior to starting the challenge and the after picture was after finishing up week 5.  

audrie 2 weeks before and 5 weeks after

Audrie’s Total Measurement Difference

Right Bicep: -.50
Left Bicep: -.25
Chest: -2.75
Waist: -.25
Lower Abs: -2.0
Hips: -1.50
Right Thigh: -2.0
Left Thigh: -2.0
Weight: -3.8
-11.25 inches total!!

*Do not use, take, or replicate this part or our test group members story or pictures.*

Our T25 Test group did so amazing, and they are even finishing up the program right now together!

Want to try the T25 workout program?

Order the T25 Challenge Pack or get the T25 program only here.

The second phase that the girls are in right now of the T25 workouts focus even more on your core. These are going to be a challenge for me but really effective in my opinion. The alpha workouts already get my core burning!

List of T25 Beta Workouts

  1. Upper focus (super setting)
  2. Core cardio (total body core cardio–heart rate up)
  3. Spread (moves change quicker a little tougher)
  4. Dynamic core (7 stad 7 floor)
  5. Rip T circuit (alpha total body but harder)
 The advanced phase T25 workouts are called Gamma. I haven’t bought them yet, but they focus on building more strength in the body and use a couple heavy weights.

T25 Gamma Workouts

  1. Extreme circuit
  2. Speed 3.0
  3. The Pyramid
  4. Rip T

*Plus 2 gamma calendars, a mini mat, and 2 resistance bands

T25 Challenge Pack

T25 Workout Schedule Calendar

Order The T25 Challenge Pack or you can get the T25 program only here.

Week 1

Monday – Cardio
Tuesday – Speed 1.0
Wednesday – Total Body Circuit
Thursday- Ab Intervals
Double Day Friday – Lower Focus & Cardio
Saturday & Sunday Off

Week 2

Monday – Cardio
Tuesday – Total Body Circuit
Wednesday – Speed 1.0
Thursday- Cardio
Double Day Friday – Lower Focus & Abs
Saturday & Sunday Off

Week 3

Monday – Total Body Circuit
Tuesday – Speed 1.0
Wednesday – Lower Focus
Thursday- Cardio
Double Day Friday – Total Body Circuit & Abs
Saturday & Sunday Off

Week 4

Monday – Cardio
Tuesday – Total Body Circuit
Wednesday – Lower Focus
Thursday- Total Body Circuit (ouch! I know 2 times in a week! You can do it!)
Double Day Friday – Ab Intervals and Speed 1.0
Saturday & Sunday Off

Week 5

Monday – Total Body Circuit
Tuesday – Ab Intervals
Wednesday – Total Body Circuit (I know…but it’s worth it!)
Thursday- Cardio
Double Day Friday – Lower Focus & Total Body Circuit
Saturday & Sunday Off

BETA PHASE (included in your T25 pack)

Week 1

Monday – Core Cardio
Tuesday – Speed 2.0
Wednesday – Rip’ T Circuit
Thursday- Dynamic Core
Double Day Friday – Upper Focus & Core Cardio
Saturday & Sunday Off

Week 2

Monday – Dynamic Core
Tuesday – Core Cardio
Wednesday – Rip’ T Circuit
Thursday- Upper Focus
Double Day Friday – Rip’ T Circuit & Speed 2.0
Saturday & Sunday Off

Week 3

Monday – Core Cardio
Tuesday – Upper Focus
Wednesday – Speed 2.0
Thursday- Rip’t Circuit
Double Day Friday – Dynamic Core & Speed 2.0
Saturday & Sunday Off

Week 4

Monday – Rip’t Circuit
Tuesday – Dynamic Core
Wednesday – Core Cardio
Thursday- Dynamic Core
Double Day Friday – Speed 2.0 & Upper Focus
Saturday & Sunday Off

Week 5

Monday – Rip’t Circuit
Tuesday – Core Cardio
Wednesday – Rip’t Circuit
Thursday- Dynamic Core
Double Day Friday – Rip’t Circuit & Speed 2.0
Saturday & Sunday Off

*If you have CORE SPEED, you can use it instead of SPEED 2.0 anywhere it appears.

Have you started the T25 workout yet? What do you think?


Or you can also order T25 (no Shakeology) here.

By ordering T25 using this link, you will also get me as your Beachbody coach. My mom and I host a year-round accountability group with monthly prizes and monthly challenges to keep you motivated to reach your goals! If you have a coach, ask them about it. :)




  1. Quick and intense workouts like this are my favorite!

  2. OMG – This is just exhausting me while reading it. lol. I will take a nap for you.

  3. What about the Gamma on T25?

    • Hey Arlene,

      Gamma is actually optional and the last part of the program (bought separately) so I haven’t tried it yet. I really want to though — everything I have seen looks awesome! :) Do you have it yet?

      • Delta is actually the last but it isnt out yet if you get Gamma it says it on the back of it .hope you have a great wedding and Honey moon
        love your site and bestie wishes

  4. hey i just noticed that week 5 you have cardio on the double day friday, but its actually total body circuit. yikes 3 times in one week.

    • Thanks for catching that Cassie!! I guess subconsciously my mind was like ohhh please no more total body circuit! LOL!!! :) I’ve fixed it now. Thank you again!! How are you liking T25?

      • I absolutely love focus t25! i am just thinking about getting gamma phase now. i start my last week of beta on monday. I am trying to get a hold of what the gamme hybrid calendar looks like but cant seem to find it online anywhere. you wouldnt by chance have it?

  5. Just wondering, on the Beta Calendar, it says that on double day friday, “Don’t just do 2 workouts…do em back-to-back!”
    Are they really suggesting I do double double routine… I mean, like finish 2, then restart or something like that???!!!

  6. Hey guys me and my best friend made it threw day two

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