Ultimate Guide to Starting & Maintaining the Eat Clean Diet!

The Eat Clean Diet focuses on whole foods that have a mother or that come from the ground to help you achieve your goal weight and live better everyday.

Tosca Reno Created Eat Clean Diet

I have written several posts since October 2011 about eating clean, but they seem spread across the blog so I wanted to condense them into one place to give a great starting place and guide to those about to start the Eat Clean Diet.

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The Basics of the Eat Clean Diet

How Many Calories Should You Be Consuming?

What is the Eat Clean Diet?

What is the Difference Between Eating Clean and Paleo?

What are the guidelines? (PDF)

Eat Clean Diet Meal Plans

2 Weeks of The Eat Clean Diet Meal Plans

1 Week of Eating Clean Meal Plans (with a 250 calorie treat)

1 More Week of the Eat Clean Diet

Even More Meal Plans

A PDF with The Eat Clean Diet’s Guidelines & 3 Weeks of Meal Plans

Ultimate Guide to Starting & Maintaining the Eat Clean Diet!

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These are my favorite posts, and I hope they help. Please feel free to email me at kalee@soreyfitness.com if you have any questions about the Eat Clean Diet created by Tosca Reno.

My favorite book of hers is the Eat Clean Diet Recharged!

 Need Accountability? Join our Eat Clean Group ! We share recipes, meal plans, workouts, hybrid workout schedules, and our progress throughout the year.




    • says

      hehe I definitely understand! My birthday is in January so it was like Christmas and then cake (plus a few cookies, m&ms…the normal little splurges of course). I love this diet though because it’s easy, and I never feel deprived. I love your blog by the way! :)

  1. says

    I started the eat clean diet 3 months ago, lasted 3 weeks, looked good, felt great, but got bored and went off track. I said to myself over christmas, that I must go back on this. I have just purchased beachbody Insanity and feel that doing both together, will produce great results!!!!

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