Chest and Tricep Workout At Home Using Dumbbells – Women’s Workout

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We love pairing a larger muscle group with a smaller one. You’re going to love this chest and tricep workout at home using just dumbbells!

We put together 6 of our favorite moves you can do at home using dumbbells! While we normally coach women, this workout would work for men as well.

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With any strength training, you’ll want to make sure to let your muscles rest the next day. So if you do this workout on Monday, don’t do it again until at least Wednesday.

You could do it just 1x a week in a routine as well and still see great results!

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chest and tricep workout

How Many Reps Should I do?

Your weights and reps for this chest and tricep workout will depend on your goals and exercise level.

If you’re wanting a leaner, toned look, we recommend a light to moderate weight and upping your reps to 12-15. Allow yourself the same rest time and repeat 3x.

If you’re wanting to build lean muscle, we recommend using a moderately heavy weight and lifting it 8 to 12 times. Allow yourself to rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat 3x.

If you’re wanting major muscle mass, choose a heavy weight you can lift 1-5 reps and extend your rest in between the 3 sets.

How Heavy of Dumbbells Should I Use?

This will depend on your current strength. You’ll be using heavier weights on your chest than your triceps because it’s a bigger muscle. We use it more as well.

For us, we use about 10-25lbs on our chest for lean muscle. We use 7-12lbs on our triceps.

We love our Bowflex SelectTechs because they allow us to customize the weight for each move easily! They also don’t take up a ton of room.

chest and tricep workout at home for women

Chest and Tricep Workout Using Dumbbells

You’ll want to start by warming up.

We recommend jogging, jumping jacks, arm circles for 30 seconds each. Then stretch your chest and triceps before starting.

Then, you’ll do 3 sets of each round. So Round #1, do 3x. Then Round #2, do 3x, and so on.

Round #1: Chest Press & Tricep Overhead Extension

Chest Press

How to Do a Chest Press

  • Lie back with your core engaged as you hold 2 free weights arm’s distance from your chest. Your palms should face forward.
  • Slowly lower the dumbbells to the sides of your chest.
  • Pause and push the weights to the starting position.

Tricep Overhead Extension

How to Do a Tricep Overhead Extension

*This can be a trickier move so make sure to watch the video for more tips.

  • You can do this move standing or sitting as shown in the video. If you choose to stand, make sure your core is in tight before starting the movement.
  • Your shoulders should be pushed down and back as you lower your arms to 90 degrees and as your extend them above your head.

Round #2: Glute Bridge with a Chest Fly & Skull Crusher

Glute Bridge with a Chest Fly

How to Do a Glute Bridge with a Chest Fly

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Your core should be engaged (belly button pulling in, lower back flat against the group). You’ll squeeze your glutes and press through the balls of your feet until your hips are lifted.
  • Then keeping your elbows slightly bent and butt engaged, slowly lower the weights out and back up.

Skull Crusher

How to Do a Skull Crusher

  • Lie on your back with your core engaged. Lift your weights so that your wrists are in line with your shoulders, then rotate your palms in to face each other.
  • Lower your arms 90 degrees right by your earlobes.
  • As you get tired, your elbows may want to flare out. Imagine a beachball is between your elbows and remember to keep them pulling in and keep to that 90 degree angle as you extend back.

Round #3: Rotating Chest Press & Tricep Kickbacks

Rotating Chest Press

How to Do a Rotating Chest Press

  • You’re going to start in position one of a normal chest press.
  • As you push the weights up, make sure your core is engaged and you’re going to rotate your palms in to face one another.
  • Rotate palms to face forward as you lower down.

Tricep Kickbacks

How to Do a Rotating Chest Press


  • Stand about hip-width apart with your palms facing inward. 
  • Keeping your elbows close to your side, curl your dumbbells towards your shoulders and lean forward slightly.
  • As you extend your arms back, keep them close to your side. Bring them back in and repeat.

After finishing your sets, you’ll want to cool down and stretch out the muscles you just worked.

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