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T25 vs Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 – Which is Better for Weight Loss or Muscle Building?

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Beachbody recently has released several 25 to 30-minute workouts that are designed to help with weight loss and muscle building. While each workout is effective, it’s important to find the best one for your personal goals. So we’ll be looking at T25 vs Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3.

T25 vs Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3

T25 vs Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 at a Glance



Max 30


Schedule Length 10 weeks 60 Days 90 Days
Workout Time 25 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes
# of Workouts per week 5 (Double on Friday) 5 (Optional Saturday) 6 (Optional Sunday)
Equipment Needed Resistance Band (Included) None Chin Up Bar, Weights, Yoga Mat & Block
Building Strength     Winner
Weight Loss   Winner  
Price $59.85 – Order $79.90 – Order $119.95 – Order
Included on BOD – What’s BOD? Yes Yes Yes
Challenge Pack $160 – Order $180 – Order $205 – Order

What’s BOD – Beachbody on Demand?

Beachbody on Demand is the new streaming service offered.  You can also download the meal plan for any program. You can stream from your computer, iPhone, or TV with a device like the Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV.

The All-Access Pass allows you to stream all 3 of these programs and see which one you like best. You can even do one program and then another after.

You can get a Beachbody on Demand Membership here or learn more about it here.

Why Didn’t I Include the Original Insanity?

I chose to compare Insanity Max 30 to these 2 programs because of its workouts are 30-minutes. If you’re looking at the original Insanity program, it’s 35-60 minutes long. I suggest reading our original Insanity review (with my husband’s 40lb weight loss!) here or comparing Insanity vs P90X.

Other Things to Consider in T25 vs Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3

Your Fitness Level

I highly suggest Focus T25 for beginners or anyone needing low-impact modifications. P90X3 and Insanity are going to more advanced programs.

Insanity Max 30 is going to hardcore, Bootcamp style classes with a lot of jump training. You can always follow the low-impact modifier, but it’s still harder than T25.

P90X3 requires agility, balance, and strength for a lot of the moves which can be tough for a beginner.

Your Goal

While all 3 programs will get you results, each will help you hit a different goal.

Focus T25

Insanity Max 30

  • Weight loss
  • Shredded Muscle Definition (versus building more lean muscle)
  • Less variety than T25 or P90X3
  • See Insanity Max 30 Results


I also believe you can lose weight with P90X3, but weight loss isn’t the main goal in P90X3. Tony Horton is trying to build a solid foundation in strength, balance and flexibility and strength in the program. Whereas Shaun T is working on max calorie burn which leads to that weight loss.


Whether or not you like the trainer and the set of the workouts matters. Shaun T is very similar in both T25 and Insanity Max 30, but where Insanity Max 30 is harder – he’s a little more intense. Out of the two programs, I prefer him in Insanity Max 30. He’s intense but supportive to keep you pushing to your limits.

Tony Horton is also one of my favorites, but he is a goof ball. He is going to have silly jokes and really focus on your form. He’s supportive, but he doesn’t personally push me as hard as Shaun T.


All 3 programs do offer modifications. Unlike the original Insanity, Max 30 does have a low-impact modifier the whole workout. I also really like the low-impact modifier in the workouts. They are still really working and don’t make it look easy.

T25’s modifier, Tanya, is good too. She was just in Insanity to start with and got on my nerves in it so that kind of messed with my mindset.

P90X3 has the worst modifications of the three. It’s a tough program and sometimes he calls is a “beyonce-modification” to just give it a little shake….not a modification. However, if you’ve worked out in the past – you’ll likely know how to modify the moves. Since I was used to working out at home, I knew how to modify 99% of the moves on my own.

People have also asked…

How do the meal plans compare?

All 3 meal plans are really similar. Out of the 3 programs, the T25 meal plan is the most different. It’s the oldest of the 3 programs, and it’s meal plan was created before the famous 21 Day Fix container system was created. It’s still not difficult to follow though.

Insanity Max 30 and P90X3 don’t include the containers, but it’s set up on a similar foundation as the 21 Day Fix program. It’s broken down into healthy size portions throughout the day.

Which will help me lose the most weight?

Out of the three programs, Insanity Max 30 is going to be the biggest calorie burner if you can keep up. It’s all cardio based (with a few body resistance interval moves mixed in). It’s also 5 minutes longer than T25 so that’s 5 more minutes to give it your all – which is a lot when you’re working out with Shaun T!

T25 also includes some strength training which traditionally your heart rate doesn’t get up as high (which means less calories burned during the workout). So you may see a lower calorie burn and less weight loss with it. However, if you can’t keep up with Insanity Max 30, you’re likely to burn more in T25 by giving it your all.

P90X3 is the least likely program for weight loss because it’s also focused on other areas of health and fitness.

Still can’t decide?

Check out our original reviews of all 3 programs to help you make up your mind. You can also always learn more about Beachbody on Demand or reach out to us as your Beachbody coaches to help you chose the best program at thegirls@soreyfitness.com.

Which program won for you in T25 vs Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3?


  1. Such a great comparison! I haven’t done either so this helps me decide if I ever decide to do it!

  2. Great comparison! thank you, I actually tried all three on Beachbody on demand ( I tried for at least a week to get a feeling of each workout.) I agree with your review! I like Tony and I agree he has goofy jokes. the beyoncifying thing is just his jokes, it is not meant as functional modification to help you train better. Shaun T’s workout are hard on the knees even for someone who does not have knee issues or perhaps it is just me.

    1. I agree on Tony. I just referenced it to let people know the modifications aren’t exactly 100% in P90X3. I agree on Shaun’s workouts and your knees too. His new Transform 20 is a little bit better on the knees, but it involves a step so you still have to watch your knee’s alignment over your feet too.

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