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P90X3 Workout Review, Results & Fitness Calendars

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Beachbody Super Trainer Tony Horton’s P90X3 offers intense 30-minute workouts to help you get maximum results in a fraction of the time! One of the main reasons we chose P90X3 is because we knew P90X was one of the best home workouts ever created, but we never had enough time each day to do it. Now, these home workouts are just as effective, offer an unprecedented variety of moves, and is under an hour!

p90x3 review

The new workout program combines muscle confusion and muscle integration to give you max results in just 30 minutes a day. It’s broken down into 3 phases like the original.

p90x3 workouts

p90X3 Workouts

The program includes sixteen 30-minute workouts, a full nutrition plan, and 4 workout calendars to help you hit your specific goals. Tony Horton did an amazing job with the variety of workouts offered. You’ll get everything from an explosive next-generation plyo workout to a powerful flow-style practice with this workout.

Like the original P90X, this extreme exercise program focuses on the science of muscle confusion and adds in new science to help you see powerful changes in just 30 minutes of exercise. Tony adds in his muscle acceleration system including angle deceleration training, isometric contraction, and a focus on your range of motion which means every workout is a full-body burn.

P90X3 wasn’t shot in real-time, so you’ll repeat some of the workouts a few times, but we actually liked this because it helped us improve from the first time we did certain moves.

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Clip of P90X3 Upper Body Workout

P90X3 Workout Calendars

The program offers three different approaches for working out.

  • Classic gets you ripped and strong
  • Lean is designed to tone your muscles without adding bulk.
  • Mass increases muscle mass.
  • Doubles is just P90X3 on crack basically!

Get All 4 Workout Schedules Emailed to You

P90X3 Mass Calendar

The 16 P90X3 Workouts

6 Resistance Workouts

  • Total Synergistics – You’ll do total body resistance and balance moves during this workout.
  • The Challenge – Not a favorite, but it’s a great chest and back routine. You’ll do push ups and pulls ups the whole 30 minutes!
  • Incinerator – This is one of my favorites. It’s a total body workout and challenges you until failure. It includes pull ups, push ups, rows and curls during the workout.
  • Eccentric Upper – This is an entire upper body workout with time under tension training. 
  • Eccentric Lower – It also focused on time under tension but incorporates lower body moves.
  • The Warrior – This is similar to 22 Minute Hard Corps and has been done on military bases around the world. It includes elevator push-ups, super burpees, and body-weight moves for a full burnout session where the only equipment is your bodyweight!

3 Power Workouts

  • Agility X – Consider this one of the hardest cardio workouts within the whole program.
  • Triometrics – This is an insane plyo workout on steroids. You’ll feel your leg muscles after this workout.
  • Decelerator – This workout includes explosive movements followed by quick stops.

3 Cardio Workouts

  • CVX Review – P90X3 CVX is a full-body resistance workout using a light-weight during cardio rounds.
  • MMX – One of my favorites and such a tough workout. You’ll improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility!
  • Accelerator – You’ll do a move at two different speeds to challenge your cardio and muscle strength.

4 Core, Flexibility and Balance Workouts

  • X3 Yoga – A no nonsense workout to improve flexibility, balance, and core strength.
  • Pilates X – You’ll focus on your posture and also your core to stabilize your joints and improve muscle elasticity.
  • Isometrix – This is the best of yoga to me. You’ll hold poses for 45 seconds for strength and balance.
  • Dynamix – Stabilization, flexibility and strength are all required in this workout.

PLUS A BONUS LEG & AB WORKOUT: The X3 Ab Ripper and On One Leg bonuses to mix into your workout days.

You also get the Cold Start Option

The Cold Start is great if you’re working out first thing in the morning. It’s a 12 minute warm up that incorporates stretching, light cardio and yoga to wake up the body before starting your intense workout.

Get All 4 Workout Schedules Emailed to You

What equipment do you need for P90X3?

P90X3 requires a few pieces of key equipment — dumbbells, a pull-up bar, and a yoga mat. Tony also suggests a good pair of cross trainer shoes. You may also want PowerStands as you advance in the program. If you don’t have access to this type of equipment, you can do the workouts using only different resistance bands as well. 

21 Day Fix Meal Plan with Portion Control Containers

P90X3 Nutrition

P90X3 focuses on Beachbody’s 2 meal plan options: Ultimate Portion Fix and 2B Mindset.

The nutrition guide that is included with P90X includes several recipes including vegan options. They also suggest eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks and around 1500-1800 calories a day.  (If you’re vegan, we also have a vegan meal plan option using the portion control containers).

For better results, we suggest picking a meal plan and sticking with it. You may also like some of Beachbody’s supplements to keep things effective and easy!

Energize and Recover

Our Favorite P90X3 Supplements

You can also get a discount on these items as a Beachbody Coach, Preferred Client, or by bundling them in a Challenge Pack.

p90x3 tony horton flexing his biceps

How much does P90X3 Cost?

P90X3 is no longer available on DVD. You can get exclusive access to the workouts through a Beachbody on Demand membership or Challenge Pack. The price for P90X3 range from around $50 for a quarterly membership to $295 for the Mega Challenge Pack with a nutrition program and 4 supplements.

A Beachbody on Demand membership is $99 for a year, and you get access to 1000s of workouts! You can learn more about streaming your workouts here.

Challenge Packs include Beachbody on Demand and supplements of your choice, and the range in price depending on what items you choose. Our favorite option is the Deluxe Challenge Pack for $220.

P90X3 Challenge Packs

  • Mega Challenge Pack – BOD, Shakeology, Energize, Hydrate, Recover, 2 Nutrition Programs, Shaker cup, Mat & Foam Roller, Containers
  • Deluxe Challenge Pack – BOD, Shakeology, Energize, Recover, 2 Nutrition Programs, Shaker Cup, & Containers
  • Workout Supplements Pack – BOD, Energize & Recover, 2 Nutrition Programs, Shaker Cup, & Containers
  • Shakeology Pack – BOD, Shakeology, 2 Nutrition Programs, Shaker Cup, & Containers

p90x3 review

P90X3 Pros and Cons


  • The workouts are TOUGH. Don’t underestimate 30 minutes.
  • It’s the total approach to fitness: strength, cardio, balance, and core.
  • CVX P90X3 is an amazing total body workout you’ll use forever.
  • Tony’s best Yoga workout is this one!
  • He’s motivating and funny throughout the workout.
  • He teaches and focuses on proper form.
  • Every day is ab day because of the crazy focus on the core work!


  • His jokes can get old, but if you don’t mind witty one-liners you’ll be okay!
  • I struggle with 1 pull up, and the workout is very pull-up heavy.
  • No example of the move before he expects you to do it.
  • There is a modifier, but the modifications are sometimes just a joke.

I love this workout; however, I would not recommend it to someone with no prior experience working out at home.  I was fine because I knew how to make modifications on my own from my previous workout experience.

P90X3 Results

We saw some of the best results ever from this program! The best part? It doesn’t have to take a long time! Both men and women saw a big change in their body’s composition in just 1 round!

P90X3 Results Man
Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.
P90X3 Results
†Results vary depending on starting point and effort. Jessica is an independent Beachbody Coach.

Get P90X3 Workout Schedule ResultsShould you become a Beachbody Coach?

Did you know Beachbody coaches get a 25% discount?! We also earn a 25% commission anytime someone orders from our site. We also never have to have inventory on hand and there are no sales quotas to hit. It’s also free and easy to cancel coaching if you decide it’s not a good fit.

My mom and I are Elite Beachbody Coaches which means we’ve helped others grow their own coaching business. You can learn more about Elite, how we earn an income and just coaching in general here.

tony horton summit


World-renown fitness legend, Tony Horton, created P90X3 to help you get maximum results at home in just 30 minutes a day — making it the ultimate excuse buster!

Every workout is going to challenge you, and it’s really designed for people that have been working out for a while and ready to go to an elite level in their fitness. If you’re a beginner, we recommend looking at his new release of P90.

Along with the workouts, a nutrition guide with recipes and supplements can be included with your streaming service. The program is no longer available on DVDs through Beachbody.

How to Order P90X3

  • Mega Challenge Pack – BOD, Shakeology, Energize, Hydrate, Recover, 2 Nutrition Programs, Shaker cup, Mat & Foam Roller, Containers
  • Deluxe Challenge Pack – BOD, Shakeology, Energize, Recover, 2 Nutrition Programs, Shaker Cup, & Containers
  • Workout Supplements Pack – BOD, Energize & Recover, 2 Nutrition Programs, Shaker Cup, & Containers
  • Shakeology Pack – BOD, Shakeology, 2 Nutrition Programs, Shaker Cup, & Containers


  1. Love the review. I have never done the program but as a personal trainer I hear people talk about it A LOT. I could totally anticipate the modification issue as others have reported it being too hard for the level they are at. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I see the infomercials and the results look fantastic, I just know for now, this is not the program for me. I’m a beginner, wildly out of shape and over weight. Plus add several immune issues. I do hope that one day I can do a program like this.
    Great honest review, thank you.

    1. Hi Dawn,

      You have a great sense of where to start! :) I tried P90X right off the bat, and pfftttt lol! That didn’t last long! lol! If you need any help finding a good beginners workout that also keeps your health issues in mind, just let me know. We’d be happy to help you choose a good one ;)

    2. I’m a beginner, slightly overweight and have started the P90x3. The 1st couple of cardio workouts I couldn’t do and had to constantly stop because I was out of breath. I think the 1st week I usually only did the warm up and 12 minutes of the video. There were a lot of things I couldn’t do. In my 2nd week I am able to complete each video some with modifications. The challenge is very hard and I set a realistic goal. I hope my numbers increase as the weeks go by. I’m at 2 pull ups/10 push-ups. I’m a former Marine so challenges are not foreign to me. I do use a pull-up assist device. Otherwise I’d be at zero. I was sore after my 1st agility and now after this last challenge. I see it as no pain no gain….. Old habits. I have learned that if I do the yoga stretching it eases the discomfort. I’m looking forward to the next week and seeing progress!

      1. Congratulations on getting through 2 weeks of P90X3!! It is a tough workout, and I have no doubt you will get better as you go through it. I know I did. Agility used to kill me and have me pausing the DVD a lot, but every time I did it I get better. Have you seen Tony’s new workout? I think you might like it after P90X3 because it is focused on military-style workout and features all veterans. Plus it’s 22 minutes and comes out in March (perfect timing!).

        Are you following P90X3’s meal plan? Are you in an accountability group to keep you pushing?

        Thanks for your service as well!

        1. I’m not on the diet plan. I do advocare and am on year 3 of it. It has helped me a lot. I set my alarm every day for workouts at 4 pm. With my husband. I’m so grateful for him. He pushes me through.

      2. You will be soooo happy. Arms and back for dayyyys! And he really means it with the 30 minutes. It’s a workout I go back to again and again!

  3. I have really been looking for something I can do while my daughter is napping. This would be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You may love this or the 21 Day Fix :) Both are perfect for nap time since they are 30 minutes :) Do you have any goals you’re working towards?

  4. Interesting. I’ve only heard great things about P90 and P90X. I didn’t even know they have a third one out. I like my workouts to be challenging. Why put in the time if you’re not getting any benefits, right? This sounds like it would kick my butt! I love Beachbody. My favorite workout is Turbo Fire. It is intense, but I love it. Thanks for the review.

    1. I love TurboFire too!!! :) I totally agree — I like a short, intense workout! The 3rd P90X is only 30 minutes too so I can’t wait to try it after this round of the 21 Day Fix (also 30 minutes….I guess you can sense a theme? lol!)

  5. Thank you for this review! I have wanted to buy the program but hated P90X so I was scared to make the commitment. Looks like I’ll be trying it now!

  6. Wait till you get to week 4. I’m only on day 1, but the isometrics was KILLER. You will really get your “Balance On.” I completed P90X last Summer, and it was so hard to keep up with! These workouts are varied, short, and intense. LOVE IT!

  7. I started this program last week, into the second week now. I was originally doing the p90x program but was finding it hard to put aside an hour or more a day for the workouts. These 30 min workouts are perfect. It’s a get in and get it down approach compared to the original where I felt it was to many breaks… Found myself skipping them to speed up the workouts. So far I give the p90x3 program a huge thumbs up. Fits my lifestyle perfectly.

  8. I see you have lots of hybrid workout schedule for p90x but do you have any for p90x3? I’m specifically searching for one that is BBL/p90x3. Thanks!

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