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What the 21 Day Fix 3 Day Quick Fix is and If it Really Works

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The 3 Day Quick Fix is included in Autumn Calabrese‘s 21 Day Fix workout and nutrition program. Now, if you’re like me you are probably saying isn’t 21 days pretty quick anyways much less 3 days? How much of a difference can this make?

3 Day Quick Fix

The 3 Day Quick Fix Diet promises to help you get ready for a photo shoot or competition just like Autumn though. So you know I was tempted. Plus it includes 6 meals a day and looked easier than the 3 Day Refresh I had tried before.

What does the plan look like?

  • high protein
  • low carb
  • high healthy fat

What Foods Are Allowed?

  • Steamed Vegetables
  • Lean Proteins (no red meat)
  • Oatmeal
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Limes, Lemons, Seasonings (excluding salt)
  • Lots and Lots of Water

Not allowed:

  • Shakeology
  • Fruit
  • Salt
  • Anything except for the list above really

Another sneaky turn is that you have to have your oatmeal and sweet potato before noon. This is because you want to give yourself time to burn off the energy the carbohydrates give you. I found it worked well for me because my workouts were in the morning, but if you workout at night…good luck missy!

View the Full List of Foods Allowed on the 21 Day Fix

Meal Prep Ideas & Grocery List for the 3 Day Fix

As I mentioned above, the list of approved foods is very small. The reasoning behind it is that the body can process the lean, white protein easily, the healthy fat keeps you full and skin glowing, and the carbs help get in your energy and fiber.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • organic, steel-cut oatmeal
  • 2 yams/sweet potatoes
  • egg whites
  • chicken breast
  • cod or white fish
  • extra-lean ground turkey
  • extra-virgin coconut oil
  • your choice of green veggies: broccoli, asparagus, green beans, and/or bell peppers

Optional foods:

  • lemons and limes
  • vinegars
  • no-salt spices
  • nutmeg
  • cinnamon
  • stevia
  • coffee and/or teas

Water, Water, Water

Along with the food, you’ll also want to drink about a gallon of water a day to flush out toxins and rehydrate your body. Drinking a gallon will help diminish any bloat you have. Fitness competitors are known to drink a gallon most days and 1.5-2 gallons a DAY before a show. I don’t recommend doing it forever, but drinking plenty of water in those 3 days does help reduce bloat and clear the skin in my experience.

I recommend purified water because of the amount you are drinking. We live in an area where even a filter doesn’t purify it completely. I use a Zero Water Filter now, and I’m pretty obsessed with it and testing water.

So much coconut oil

You’ll see even in the 21 Day Fix eating plan Autumn uses coconut oil a lot. It’s because of 2 reasons. One you can cook with it without it turning into a transfat. Even extra virgin olive oil can turn into a transfat when heated. Second the body doesn’t break down coconut oil into fatty acids. It actually turns into medium-chain fatty acids that allow your body to use them for energy more than other oils.

You can cook with it, put it on top of meats, or if you’re brave just take a tablespoon right to the mouth.

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Sample 3 Day Quick Fix Meal Plan

  • Breakfast:  1/4 cup Steel-cut oatmeal, 6 Egg whites, 1 Teaspoon coconut oil
  • Midmorning:  1 red container grilled chicken, 1 yellow container steamed yams
  • Lunch:  1 red container steamed fish, 1 green container steamed veggies
  • Afternoon:  1 red container grilled chicken, 1 green container steamed veggies, 1 Teaspoon coconut oil
  • Dinner: 1 red container steamed fish,1 green container steamed veggies,  1 Teaspoon coconut oil
  • That Dreaded 6th Meal:  1 red container ground extra lean turkey, 1 green container steamed veggies, 1 Teaspoon coconut oil

What if I’m Vegan or Vegetarian?

You can modify the plan, of course, to keep all animals safe! Look for low-sodium protein like tempeh, tofu, and vegan Shakeology.

Do you starve?

Heck no! The food is pretty darn boring, but you won’t starve. I actually struggled to get in my last meal every day because it’s 6 meals. You are supposed to space them about 2 1/2 hours apart, but I wasn’t even up that long one day. So I aimed for 1.5 hours. By 7 pm I was stuffed with food and didn’t want the last meal.

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When should you do it?

The book outlines to do it starting on Day 19 through Day 21.  I think this is a good time because your body has started to adjust to the normal meal plan and can handle the shock a little better. I also think it’s a great thing to do between rounds so if you’re planning on jumping back into the 21 Day Fix again it’s an awesome way to break it up.

I also have used it over and over again for events. Since the food choices are limited, the meal prep is a breeze. I cook all of my meat and veggies in one day. I boil my eggs and eat the egg whites that way. It’s such a simple plan and really does help shed that last little bit of water weight and bloat.

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When shouldn’t you do it?

Always if in doubt, ask your doctor. It’s also not intended to be a “normal, healthy diet.” This is an extreme 3 Day Quick Fix…this is not an everyday kind of diet. If you were to eat like this forever you’d be getting in too much protein which is hard on the kidneys and not enough of the other food groups.

Can you work out?

Yep! If you’re following the 21 Day Fix schedule you’ll actually be doing doubles during the 3 Day Quick Fix.

What are the typical 3 Day Quick Fix Results?

For me, I lost 11lbs with the 21 Day Fix in my first round. I didn’t weigh but on day 1 and day 21 so I’m not 100% sure on my weight loss. I know I did see more definition though. I just wish I had a picture to show ya’ll. Expect to drop the bloat, water weight and maybe a little bit of “real” weight too. I know I wore a TIGHT pair of jeans to a Justin Timberlake concert the next night after finishing it just because I could get into them comfortably. :P

View My Round 1 Results Here

Was it worth it?

It totally was for me. I wanted to knock my 21 Day Fix results out of the park, and I know this helped me kick it up a notch. I also was never hungry and actually was too full for meal 6 two of the three nights.

It’s also so easy to prep! Now if you hate eating the same things, it might be a challenge for you. For me, I loved knowing all of my meals were prepped and ready to go! I definitely suggest cooking and prepping everything at once since it’s just 3 days and you’re eating so often!

Have you tried the 3 Day Quick Fix? If so, how did it go?

If you’re planning on doing the 3 Day Fix without the 21 Day Fix, I really feel like you’re doing yourself a disservice. I know you can use the sample meal plan above for 3 days and see results because you’re eating well, but it’s just 3 days. It’s not a lifestyle. There are no healthy habits being created. No workouts to tone your body. And you’re missing major food groups this 3 days (not to mention wine or chocolate!) No one should have to live that way.

The 21 Day Fix really is a simple approach to nutrition, fitness, and healthy living. It’s balanced living which is why I love it so much. No food is ever off limits, and you get in cardio, strength, and flexibility all in 30 minutes a day. You need very little equipment, and if you hate it you can send it back and get your money. So what’s not to like about it?

Looking for a simple 21 Day Fix Meal Plan? Grab Our Free Printable!

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  1. I was curious about the coconut oil amount. I know on the fix we are allowed 4 Teaspoons of healthy fat. Your blog says take a Tablespoon with for of the meals. So I am confused, is it 4 Teaspoons or 4 Tablespoons? Thanks

    1. The 3 Day Quick Fix was released before Energize came out so that’s why it’s not in the booklet. I would say you can because you’re working out. Autumn has said she doesn’t count the supplements as part of her containers in other interviews – so I’d say drink up! :)

  2. Are mustards allowed on the 3 say quick fix? Also, if I’m doing it day 19-21 on the 21 DF and doing the double workouts, what do u think is the best time to do the workouts? Thanks!!!

    1. Yes! :) You can do mustard. As for the timing, we aimed for one first thing in the morning and then just later in the day (ideally 5+ hours before bedtime). Working out too late in the day can hurt your sleep, but other than that you could technically do them anytime! Let us know how your results are!!

      1. Thank you so much! I just finished today and was hoping it was yes because I had mustard on my chicken and veggies last night! Lol but I lost 4 pounds on the 3 day and a total of 12 for the 21 days! Super happy with my results! Thank you so much for answering my questions!

  3. Do you have to eat the exact proteins they recommend for each meal? Or can you eat whatever proteins you want? Wasn’t sure if there was a reason she picked those ones at each meal.

  4. Will more exercise (fast walking and pilates) hinder weight loss?
    I have been doing this along with 21 day fix workouts and not seeing weight loss I expected.

    1. It shouldn’t! It should actually help, but keep in mind — slow and steady is best when it comes to weight loss! Keep tracking your containers (this is KEY) and know you’re doing something good for yourself.

  5. Is it okay to just eat chicken on the 3 day quick fix? I don’t like any type of fish or ground turkey. I can get turkey breast and spread that and do that in place of the fish and ground turkey if that’s allowed.

    1. If you were to ask Autumn, we feel like she’d say no because chicken has more calories, fat and cholesterol than turkey or fish typically. With that said, our opinion is that the small increase in each is very minimal, it’s only 3 days, and it would be totally ok to do chicken instead. We’d do chicken breast since it’s leaner than dark meat, but other than that — our opinion is go for it! :)