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Shift Shop Meal Plan – What to Eat for Max Results

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The Shift Shop meal plan gives you max results and creates a healthy mindset in just 3 weeks! Below I’ll outline how I knew what to eat and provide a sample Shift Shop Plan A meal plan.

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The Shift Shop Meal Plan changes each week.

It gradually shifts you from starchy carbs to more vegetable-based carbs.

  • Week 1 – You’ll workout 25 minutes a day, and carbs are about 40% of your daily intake.
  • Week 2 – Workouts increase to 35 minutes, and you’ll be cut out starchy carbs.
  • Week 3 – The final workouts are 45 minutes, and carbs are about 30% of your daily diet.

If you have questions on the workouts – get our review of Shift Shop’s Workouts.

Finding Your Shift Shop Plan & Calorie Intake

The plan and calories you’ll eat are based on your gender, weight and height.

As a woman under 130lbs and 5’3″ I fall into Plan A (1200-1499 calories).

There is a formula to follow in your nutrition guide. It’s also available under Program Materials on Beachbody on Demand.

If you don’t want to lose weight, you’ll bump up to the next Plan.

shift shop meal plan

Shift Shop Meal Plan A Breakdown

Plan A Week 1 looks a lot like what I ate on the 21 Day Fix. As the weeks progress, I get a more lean protein and less starchy vegetables.

The Shift Shop Meal Plan uses Portion Fix Containers like those in the 21 Day Fix.

Week 1:

  • 3 Veggies
  • 2 Fruits
  • 4 Proteins
  • 2 Carbs
  • 1 Healthy Fats
  • 1 Seeds & Dressings
  • 2 Teaspoons
  • Plus workout supplements: Energize & Recover

Week 2

  • 4 Veggies
  • 2 Fruits
  • 4 Proteins
  • 1 Carbs
  • 1 Healthy Fats
  • 1 Seeds & Dressings
  • 2 Teaspoons
  • Plus workout supplements: Energize & Recover

Week 3

  • 5 Veggies
  • 2 Fruits
  • 5 Proteins
  • 0 Carbs
  • 1 Healthy Fats
  • 1 Seeds & Dressings
  • 3 Teaspoons
  • Plus workout supplements: Energize & Recover

Sample Shift Shop Plan A Meal Plan


Shift Shop Meal Plan Week 1 Meals

Get the PDF for Week 1


Week 2 Shift Shop Nutrition Plan Meals

Get the PDF for Week 2


Shift Shop Meal Plans Week 3

Get the PDF for Week 3

What About Plans B-D?

Each plan is going to be similar in ratios; however, each plan increases its calories and container counts. Due to copyright, I cannot share sample plans for all of them.

As a coach, I’m happy to help you through the meal plan process though! You can contact us by email at thegirls@soreyfitness.com or using this form.

What if You’re Vegan or Vegetarian?

The Shift Shop Meal Plan can be hard if you’re a vegan or vegetarian if I’m being honest.

Vegetarians could up their eggs, dairy and Shakeology.

Vegans may have a harder time though since there isn’t as many options. I would recommend using the 21 Day Fix meal plan instead. That meal plan is also under 21 Day Fix’s Program Materials on Beachbody on Demand because of the vegan options listed.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

A basic rule of thumb is:

(Your Body Weight in Pounds) divided by 2 = Ounces per Day

For example: 120 lbs / 2 = 60 Ounces per Day

What Should You Eat After Shift Shop?

It’s best to go back to Week 1’s meal plan. You could follow it for maintenance or repeat the workouts and meal plan again.Shift Shop Available on Beachbody o ndEMAND

Beachbody on Demand is FREE for 2 Weeks!

I love Beachbody on Demand because I have access not only to the Shift Shop Meal Plan, but I also have access to over 700 workouts and their meal plans! It’s super convenient, and with Shift Shop only being 3 weeks – it’s a great chance to try streaming!

Learn More About What’s Included, How to Stream Beachbody On Demand to Your TV and How Much it Costs.

You can also start a free 14-day trial here.

It’s $39.95 after that and can be cancelled at any time.team beachbody coach

Beachbody Coaching

We’ve been full-time Beachbody coaches since 2013! We absolutely love what we do! We would love to help you find the best plan for your workout goals with our 21 Day Challenge!

If you’ve already got your workouts and meal plans set, maybe you should be a Beachbody Coach too! We offer training and mentorships to our team.

We also have a ton of resources on the blog to help you see if it’s a good fit.

You can also always reach out to us about coaching at thegirls@soreyfitness.com.


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