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Does 80 Day Obsession Work Without the Diet & Shakeology?

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Autumn Calabrese’s 80 Day Obsession recommends following a strict Timed Nutrition meal plan, pre- and post- workout supplements, and Shakeology. But how do these things play into your results? Find out what to expect and if it’s worth doing 80 Day Obsession without any of the three aspects of the program.

80 Day Obsession without meal plan Shakeology or Supplements

Can You Do 80 day obsession Without The Meal Plan?

If you’ve looked over the Timed Nutrition meal plan and it’s not for you, you could technically follow another nutrition plan.

With that said, 80 Day Obsession without the meal plan is kind of like doing a strength program with just light weights. It’s better than nothing – but you’re not going to get the best results you could.

The nutrition program, including the Refeed Days and Deplete week, were designed to give your body exactly what it needs for the workouts.

If it’s just too much for you though, you could always follow another diet and see how it works for you. We’d recommend counting macros or the 2B Mindset. Both allow for a little more freedom and less prep.

If you’re just considering 80 Day Obsession, check out our 11 tips to completing the program!

80 day obsession without supplements

Is Doing the 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan Without Supplements Worth it?

Will the supplements help your results and energy?  Absolutely.

Should you just junk the whole meal plan if you can’t afford Energize and Recover?? No way!

The recommended supplements play a role in helping your energy and results, but if you follow the 80 Day Obsession meal plan without supplements you’ll still see results.

You’re working out and eating right. That is the equation for a healthier, leaner body!

So What Do the Supplements Do Then?

Energize and Recover are both recommended for this program. Each one plays a specific role, and its very unlikely to find a food combination that could do the same thing they do.


Energize is designed to improve your exercise performance and increase your energy and endurance. You take it 15-25 minutes before you workout.


Recover speeds muscle recovery, promotes lean muscle growth and helps with muscle soreness and recovery. It’s taken right after your workout.

Which one is better?

If you’re debating between either one – honestly, it’s going to come down to which one you want more. Do you want to power through your workouts? Get Energize. Tired of sore muscles and want to build lean muscle? Recover.

The best solution is really to use them together.

Get Energize & Recover Bundled for a Discount

Shakeology Recipes

Can You Do 80 Day Obsession Without Shakeology?

Just like the supplements, Shakeology is going to be beneficial to your results. With that said, it shouldn’t be Shakeology or nothing.

Shakeology is designed to help you:

  • lose or maintain your weight
  • reduce cravings
  • have energy
  • with digestion.

All of these can be beneficial. The other great thing about Shakeology is that it’s easy to grab on the go.

It also packs enough of your vitamins and super foods you may be able to quit taking a vitamin! Of course, talk to your doctor first, but we were able to count Shakeology as our multi-vitamin!

There are also so many flavors – you’re bound to fall in love with a few!

Check out Shakeology  – Your New Go-to Meal

Prioritizing 80 Day Obsession’s Meal Plan, Supplements and Shakeology

Out of the 3 things we mentioned doing 80 Day Obsession without, the one that is the most important to use [in our opinion] is……

the nutrition plan.

We do have a sample meal plan and a Q&A on Timed Nutrition and recipes that may help you with it.

If you just can’t do the plan for time, mindset wise, or whatever — find a meal plan that DOES work for you.

Here are some alternatives:

The meal plan, supplements, and Shakeology are all tools for seeing MAX Results (check out these before and afters!).


The BIGGEST thing you shouldn’t do 80 Day Obsession without is a community.

This program is intense. It’s going to challenge you physically and mentally.  Having a support system is critical to completing the program and doing your best.

Luckily, we have an amazing group of women doing 80 Day Obsession! We’d love to add you to our private online group. If you’d like access just use the form below.

Already got your workouts and nutrition down? Why not learn more about becoming a Beachbody coach! You could be making an extra income!

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    1. There may be some good smoothies there, but if you’re wanting all of the ingredients and super foods that are in Shakeology cheaper, I doubt it. The ingredient list for Shakeology is pretty long, and it would cost a fortune to buy each ingredient separately and throw it into your shake. You could always order it, try it, and then see if you like it. They have an empty-bag 100% money back guarantee on it. Also as a coach, you can get 25%. If you find any online outside of Beachbody – I would make sure it’s still in date, but those are the only 3 ideas I have for saving a little. I hope that helps! I know we had to budget it out of our groceries when we first started, and that was still tough!

  1. This is more of a question: I’m on a doctor supervised low calorie, low carb diet. Can I do the fitness piece of 80 day Obsession and still see results? Or is it possible to follow my doctor recommended percentages with the meal plan?