ChaLEAN Extreme & Deluxe Options Workout Schedule Calendar

(This hybrid is just one from my Beachbody Hybrid Schedules from the Fitness page)

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ChaLEAN Extreme Workout Schedule

(Including ChaLEAN Extreme Deluxe Options!)

Modify YOUR workout to suit YOUR needs.. no one particular exercise routine is going to be what’s best for each unique person.. so be in tune with YOUR body & what you can realistically keep up with long-term.

Mixing up your routine a great way to break fitness plateau to get your best results! Also, remember to hydrate & be fueled with waterShakeologyResults & Recovery formula, and as many whole foods as possible. In addition, you want to be within your calorie range for optimal energy (Find your calorie range here) for fat burning and muscle building and/or maintenance!

*New! ChaLEAN Extreme Deluxe DVDS
Cardio/Get Lean Intervals- 41 min. sub for Burn Interval
Cardio/Fat Burn Challenge- 32 min. sub for Burn it Off
abs/ I’ve got abs- 15 min. sub for ab burner or extreme abs

**New! ChaLEAN Extreme Fat-Burning Deluxe set
resistance circuit/Lower Body Extreme- 39 min. sub for resistance circuit
abs/Extreme core circuit- 11 min. sub for ab burner or extreme abs
cardio/Extreme Intervals- 40 min. sub for Burn Intervals
stretch/yoga/Dynamic Flow yoga- 38 min. sub for Recharge

Month 1 (Burn Phase)
Monday- Burn Circuit 1
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday-Burn Circuit 2
Thursday-Burn It Off and Ab Burner
Friday-Burn Circuit 3
Sunday-Burn Intervals

Month 2 (Push Phase)
Monday- Push Circuit 1
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday-Push Circuit 2
Thursday-Burn It Off and Ab Burner
Friday-Push Circuit 3
Sunday-Burn Intervals

Month 3 (Lean Phase)
Monday- Lean Circuit 1
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday-Lean Circuit 2
Thursday-Burn It Off and Ab Burner
Friday-Lean Circuit 3
Sunday-Burn Intervals

You can track your calories and progress with ChaLEAN Extreme with a FitBit. They are so cool! :)Fitbit Flex

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    • SoreyFitness says

      Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. :) I would love to help you get healthy. What are you main goals? (Lose weight, lower blood pressure, feel better, gain muscle, improve flexibility, improve your diet, etc). What kind of workouts do you like or are you new and trying to find something you might like?

  1. stephanie says

    I am wondering, i had bought the charlean extream, I need help on eating healthy, is there a diet plan or something

    • says

      It should have come with a nutrition guide. Did you receive one? Also, I have meal plans under the nutrition tab that may help you with ChaLEAN. Have you started the workout yet? If so, what do you think of it so far?

  2. spygirl007 says

    Hi! Just wondering if you have to do both Burn Interval and Ab Burner on Thursday or is it just one “or” the other? Doing both sounds exhausting (I just started Chalean Xtreme today)… thanks for this blog, I’m going through it right now!

  3. Ashley says

    Hey there. I like your schedule but I’m not sure what resistance circuit you’re talking about as my Chalean doesn’t have a resistance circuit?

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