Turbo Jam Quick Results Workout Schedule Calendar

(This Turbo Jam hybrid is just one from my Beachbody Hybrid Schedules from the Fitness page)

TurboJam Workout Schedule

Designed to get the best results quick!

Modify YOUR workout to suit YOUR needs.. no one particular exercise routine is going to be what’s best for each unique person.. so be in tune with YOUR body & what you can realistically keep up with long-term.

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1. Cardio Party 3
2. 3T-Totally Tubular Turbo
3. Punch, Kick, and Jam
plus Ab Jam
4. Fat Blaster
5. Cardio Party 2
6. Booty Sculpt
Cardio Party Remix – CPR
7. Semi-Rest:Ab Jam – 10 minutes

1. Cardio Party 3
plus floor ver. of AB Jam
2. Booty Sculpt Turbo Jam Live
plus Cardio Party Remix
3. Punch, Kick & Jam – 1/2 with hand gloves
plus standing version of AB Jam
4. Fat Blaster (30 min.)
3T – Totally Tubular Turbo
5. Lower Body Jam
6. Cardio Party 2
Ab Jab Standing and floor
Brisk Walk OUTSIDE…with family or close friend (1 HR)

1. CPR -Cardio Party Remix
Fat Blaster
2. Booty Sculpt
Punch, Kick, Jam w/gloves
3. Turbo Sculpt
AB Jam floor version
4. Cardio Party 1
5. Fat Blaster
6. Lower Body Jam
Cardio Party 3
7. Rest

1. Cardio Party 1
Turbo Sculpt
2. Rest- or friend/family walk
3. Punch, Kick, Jam w/gloves
4. Fat Blaster
3T-Totally Tubular Turbo
5. Cardio Party 2
6. CPR- Cardio Party Remix
7. Lower Body Jam

Track your calories and progress on TurboJam with a FitBit…it’s super easy and some go under your clothes.
Fitbit Flex


Mixing up your routine a great way to break fitness plateaus; I suggest this schedule along with reading the post“How to Break Fitness Plateau’s” to get your best results! Also, remember to hydrate & be fueled with water,Shakeology, and as many whole foods as possible. In addition, you want to be within your calorie range for optimal energy (Find your calorie range here) for fat burning and muscle building and/or maintenance!


(This Turbo Jam hybrid is just one from my Beachbody Hybrid Schedules from the Fitness page)





  1. Wendy says

    My daughter and I have just ordered this. I want to lose 10 to 15 lbs. I am sooooo excited to get started.

    • says

      It’s awesome and so much fun! :) Have you done an at-home workout before? How old is your daughter? My mom and I did ChaLEAN and Turbo together!!:)

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