How Many Calories Should You Eat?

Your diet is 80% of your results (the other 20% is separated into your workouts and genetics) so it is essential to calculate how many calories your body needs to survive! Eating clean and the appropriate amount of calories will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Keep Calm and Burn Calories

Let’s calculate how many calories you should eat, and then you will need to track your calories each day. My favorite calories trackers are  MyFitnessPal and the FitBit.

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How Many Calories You Should Eat

Step 1:

Calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) –this is the number of calories you need to eat to survive

Your current weight x 10 = RMR

Step 2:

Calculate your Daily Activity Burn (DAB) — this is based on your activity levels outside of your workout

Sedentary RMR X 10%= DAB

Moderately Active RMR X 20% = DAB

Very Active RMR X 30% = DAB

Step 3:

Add your calories burned from your daily workout (DW). (Click here if you aren’t sure & use a beachbody program)

Step 4:

Subtract or add your Calorie Deficit (CD) or Surplus. (A deficit of 500 calories a day averages to a loss of about 1 lb per week)

Step 5:

Put numbers on 1-4 all together!

RMR + DAB + DW – CD = Your Calorie Target

***Remember to never drop below 1200 calories unless it is recommended by a doctor. Your body will go into starvation mode and store fat and eat its muscle…not good!!***

***Check out the eat clean meal plans provided to get you started!

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    • says

      Hi Aileen! You will want to calculate your calories for step 1, 2, & 3 then you will subtract your deficit or add your surplus to that number. If you still need help, I am happy to figure your calories for you. What workout are you doing? Are you trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight?

  1. Maggs says

    I’m confused too… when I did the calculation for sedentary then more active, I got less calories for more active . I am trying to lose 2lbs a week. I weigh 154 – goal weight is 135. I try to workout 5-6 days a week, weights and cardio. Exercise is not the problem, calorie intake is – I eat mostly decent foods but too much. I’ve gained 10 lbs in the past 6 months.

    • says

      Hi Maggs,

      How are you doing? Thanks for commenting on the blog! I really appreciate it, and I would love to help you figure out your calories! Here is an outline of what I did based on your comment on SoreyFitness.

      Step 1:

      Calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) –this is the number of calories you need to eat to survive

      154 x 10 = 15400

      Step 2:

      Choose one of the bolded numbers below based on how active you are outside of your workout and ADD it to 15400 :)

      Sedentary +154

      Moderately Active +308

      Very Active +462

      Step 3:

      Add your calories burned from your daily workout (DW). What kind of workout do you do? How long? Do you know approximately how many calories you burn? If so, ADD that number to 1540 plus the active level.

      Step 4:

      Subtract 500-100 calories to lose weight. Don’t go over a 1000 calorie deficit, or it will slow your results.

      Step 5:

      So if you were moderately active, working out and burning 500 calories a day, and wanted to lose 2 lbs a week I would say: 1348

      Does that help? If you need anything just let me know.

      Why do you think you’ve gained 10 lbs? Have you had a major life change? Have you changed your diet, workout, or any medicines? All kind effect your weight. What kind of workout do you do?

  2. Mama says

    Please dont be upset. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but notice on your step 1 when you multiplied 154 x 10 that the answer is incorrect. Do you mean multiply 154×100? Because 154 x 10 is 1540 not 15400. 154×100 however = 15400.

    • says

      Oh I’m sorry!! I’m not upset at all, but I’m so sorry I did that. It’d would be 154 * 10 = 1540 then you’ll take your activity level in step 2 and add that number to it. Does that make more sense?

  3. Christine says

    K, so I’m a little confused…HELP!! I’m 245, doing a mix of Insanity and Combat. Matter of Fact, I’m following the Hybrid you have here on Sorey Fitness!!

    • says

      Hey Christine,

      I’d love to help — man, oh man, that hybrid is no joke!! Do you know roughly how many calories you are burning on average during your workout? If not, it’s okay but I always like to ask. We can guestimate if we need to. Also, how active are you outside of your workouts? (very, not so much, or very little like a desk job). With that information, we’ll be able to figure out a good calorie level for you :)

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