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If you’re looking for an at home ballet class, Xtend Barre may be the perfect upbeat workout you’re looking for! It combines cardio and classic barre moves perfect for beginners to intermediate exercisers!

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The full-body workout is low impact and offers a ton of variety including high intensity interval training, pilates, barre, and strength moves.

Plus, the workouts are just 30 minutes a day!

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What Is Xtend Barre?

Xtend Barre workouts combine ballet, pilates, yoga, strength, and cardio to help you lose weight and tone up without bulking up!

Each 30 minute workout was designed by Andrea Rogers and requires just a chair and a light set of hand weights (1 to 2 lbs is plenty!)

Here’s a sneak peek video of the workouts:

Does Xtend Barre Work?

Any type of increase in activity will help boost your weight loss results because you’re burning more calories.

With that said, Openfit suggests that you could lose up to 9lbs in 14 days! We think that’s a little high, but we are always going to encourage you to workout and eat a healthy, balanced diet.

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How much is Xtend Barre online membership?

You can get access to Xtend Barre with an Openfit membership. It’s $96 a year or $13 a month.

You can also get a Free 14 Day Trial to Xtend Barre Here!

How long are Xtend Barre classes?

Each class is 30 minutes.

How long does it take to see results?

Depending on your body type, fitness level, and – most importantly – your diet, you’ll start to see and feel changes within a few weeks!

We usually feel a difference within a week or two, and others notice the changes around week 4 to 6 of a new program.

How many calories does Xtend Barre Burn?

If you were to go to a live class, you could expect to burn around 500 calories. Since Openfit’s home version is 30 minutes, a general estimate would be around 300 calories.

The amount of calories will depend on your heart rate. If tracking your calorie burn is important to you, you may like an Apple Watch or FitBit Versa.

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Does Xtend Barre reduce weight?

Yes, it can help reduce weight because you’ll be burning more calories than you typically would be from being sedentary.  

You need to create a 250 caloric deficit per day to lose about a pound a week. This deficit can be from exercise or from your diet.

What do you need for Xtend Barre?

You’ll need:

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Who is Xtend Barre for?

  • anyone looking for a low impact workout
  • someone looking to build strength without bulking up
  • anyone looking to burn calories without traditional cardio
  • beginners to advanced exercisers!

woman doing core work from the ballet barre

How is this different from other workouts?

This program includes a blend of cardio, dance, and strength; whereas, traditional barre classes just focus on ballet.

Do I need to have dance experience to do this program?

Nope! Anyone can start this workout, and the program includes a short foundational intro that walks through a few of the main moves.

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Do I need a ballet barre to do Xtend Barre?

No, you just need a sturdy chair or counter. Even the back of your couch will work!

Can I do this workout if I’m pregnant?

XTend Barre isn’t designed to be a pre or post natal workout.

If you’re currently pregnant or a new mom, we recommend looking at Barre Blend’s pre- and post natal workouts. You should also ask your doctor before starting any program as well.

Is there a Xtend Barre Calendar?

Yes, you’ll want to follow the calendar to see the best results.

It is 7 days a week though. If you need to modify it to be less per week just keep going at your own pace but following the order.

The workouts are:

  • Signature (total-body),
  • Cardio,
  • Legs,
  • Booty,
  • Core,
  • Sculpt & Define,
  • and Flexibility & Balance.

Where can I stream Xtend Barre?

You can stream it on Openfit. 

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What kind of nutrition plan should I follow?

Your Openfit membership includes access to their nutrition plan. You can use it or any nutrition plan you feel comfortable with!

Here are few other options:

How much does Xtend Barre cost?

You can get access to Xtend Barre home workouts through Openfit for $96 a year or $13 a month.

Get a Free 14 Day Trial to Xtend Barre Here!

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Should I do Xtend Barre or Barre Blend?

Out of Xtend Barre and Barre Blend, we personally chose Beachbody’s Barre Blend for a few reasons:

  • Barre Blend is on Beachbody on Demand, and Beachbody offers more workouts at the same price.
  • There are 8 weeks of unique workouts so you never repeat a single workout twice!
  • We love the 10-minute enhancement videos you can add on for an additional challenge.
  • The calendar is only 5 days a week with 2 optional days versus 7 days a week.
  • Each week the program gets a little harder so you never plateau!

Learn More About Barre Blend

You can also try Barre Blend, Beachbody’s barre workout, for free with their 14 day free trial! (Just select the 3 month option from the dropdown to get 2 weeks free!)

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† Results vary depending on starting point and effort. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. See our full terms of service for more details.

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