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I don’t know if you have heard anything about coaching before, been approached by a nice Beachbody coach or an overly aggressive coach, or just love Beachbody workouts.

I have to say this though–

My mom and I started coaching in July 2011, and it’s changed our lives completely.

When We Signed Up to Be a Beachbody Coach

When we first started to coach, we were losing our home. We were stressed out to the max, felt like nothing would ever go “right” again, and just stuck. It was the worst feeling in the world.

I was going to college and racking up student loans every semester. I got a degree in marketing and finance because I knew I could find a financial job, but I absolutely hated the field. It was too high pressure and not very caring.

I chose to teach high school math like my mom for a year (which was allowed with my degree because of a shortage of teachers). I felt overwhelmed everyday. I absolutely was not happy, but what else could I do?

We decided to coach after knowing we loved ChaLEAN Extreme and TurboFire, and 9 months into coaching we knew this had to be our full-time jobs.

Fast Forward 9 More Months…

By December 2012, my mom quit her job teaching. In June 2013, I followed her. We now are both full-time coaches and have a better lifestyle, income, and mindset because of it.

We’ve not only reached our initial income goals and paid off all of our debt (including $30,000+ in student loans!) we’ve helped others get healthier, happier, and financially free.

Our Beachbody Coach Guide (2)

What We Do as Beachbody Coaches

We built our business completely online. We live in a small, low-income community where health is not a priority. Growing our business online was a huge key to our success and something we share freely with our team.

We use social media to attract people that need our help. We help them find the perfect workout and meal plan for their goals, time, and personality. Each person is added to a totally private group for our 21 Day Challenge. This is where MAGICAL things happen! With the right tools and support, we see our clients losing weight and gaining confidence in just 3 weeks!

When we see a client really inspiring others and leading in the challenge, we also encourage them to coach.

We absolutely love helping our team of coaches for a few reasons.

  1. It’s so much fun to work with like-minded people that aren’t afraid to dream or believe in themselves and others.
  2. We know if our team of coaches are working then more people are helped with their weight loss and health goals.
  3. Being financially free from our debts changed our lives. It helped us know anything is possible. As we mentor our coaches, we want them to have the same amazing experience.

We’ve had 3 of our coaches already quit their full-time jobs to coach!!

How Do We Help Our Coaches

We provide basic and advanced training to help you start and continue to grow your business. We are dedicated to help you reach your goals, and we work with you in groups and personally. We also offer year-round incentives and accountability.

We would love to help others follow their passion and help mentor anyone interested and truly committed to coaching. If you’d like more information on becoming a Beachbody Coach make sure to fill out an application to join our team!


If you would like to sign up with our coach team- Sweat Nation and do not have a TeamBeachbody account click here to sign up as a coach. Not sure yet? Let us know by applying to join our team here.

Beachbody Coach FAQ

We get the following questions a lot so we decided a blog post was in order!

1. What does it take financially to be a Beachbody Coach?

You can sign up for free with any Challenge Pack. The Challenge Packs include a workout of your choice, 30 days of Shakeology, and a 30 day club membership which includes Beachbody on Demand – Beachbody’s streaming service. If you decide to sign up without a Challenge Pack, it’s $39.95.

Both sign up options include access to an online office that we use daily with trainings and tracking systems, 3 websites for people to order from you, and access to all of Sweat Nation’s training. It’s $15.95 to maintain you Beachbody coach membership, and that’s usually covered from one sale.

You can sign up to coach for free if you or your spouse is either active or retired military. You basically can coach purely for the discount without paying any sign up or monthly fee.

2. Do I get free products or a discount as a Beachbody Coach?

Yes! You get 25% off any of your personal orders. If you are already drinking Shakeology everyday, you will save approximately $30 every month on it just with your discount! That’s $360 a year or about $170 after the monthly coaching fee.

3. Can I be a Beachbody Coach just for the discount?

Yes! If you are drinking Shakeology every month, it makes complete sense to sign up for the discount. The same goes for it you are using the other supplements or ordering products frequently. Here’s a little more on becoming a Beachbody Coach for the discount

4. Why should I Join Beachbody?

Everyone will have a different reason WHY they sign up. For us, we signed up because we wanted to help people, find a job we loved, and get out of debt.

Beachbody was the perfect company for us because we loved the products. It also helped that Beachbody was a well-known, reputable company. Their workouts and supplements are always in demand, and people are always wanting to improve their health.

We also loved that Beachbody wasn’t focused on recruiting a ton of people or high pressure sales. We really want to have coaches that are passionate and excited to help people versus thousands of people that just want to make a quick buck.

Another perk is that you don’t have to stock any products or host parities (unless you want to). We were able to grow our business completely online, and we can teach you how as well through our continual trainings.

5. How do I find my first clients and coaches?

We walk you through step-by-step how we grew our business. If you decide to join our team of coaches we provide you with a daily email lesson or a Coach Basics Bootcamp to help you get started. We provide examples, how-to videos, and everything you need to be successful.

I honestly know if two shy girls can do it, anyone can! Plus we will be there to help support you if you decide it’s a good fit.

6. What if I try it and don’t like it?

It’s super easy to cancel, and we’ll still be your coaches for any health or fitness questions you have.

Does being a Beachbody Coach sound like something you’d like?

We’d love to help you get started and get to know you better!!

Become a Beachbody Coach with SweatNation

If you’ve also looked over the information and you would rather apply and talk coaching over before signing up – you can fill out this form. We will email you within 24 hours.

Apply to be a Beachbody Coach on Sweat Nation

The Statement of Independent Coach Earnings can be found at

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  1. Mona Sabrina says

    Hi, Kalee, I’m a BB coach who’s ramping up her business and I have to tell you, your page is the best, simplest, clearest explanation of the BB opportunities I’ve seen yet. Great job! :-)

  2. Janae says

    Hello. .I have a six month old and began turbofire post pregnancy. The workout is amazing!! I would love to be a beachbody coach. Do I join someones team! I have a lot if questions!

    • says

      Thank you so much for checking out and leaving me a comment! How was your weekend? Sorry I am just responding. I was on my honeymoon this past week. ;) I would love to help you get started as a coach though!

      My mom and I work together as coaches, and if you decide to join our team you’ll have access to our exclusive email training that has helped our team advance faster than other leading teams in the company. You’ll also have access to other top coaches’ training and our private coach group. Do you have any questions on coaching? Would you like me to send you a little more on coaching and what it entails?

      I’m so excited to hear your love TurboFire!!! :) It’s one of my absolute favorites, and it’s so inspiring that you are working out that hard only 6 months after having a baby!! WOW! :) :) Do you have a favorite workout in it so far?

  3. Fedil says

    Congrats on how well you are doing. I just recently became a Beachbody coach and your story is very up lifting. I’m not looking to turn this into my full time job, but hope I can at least bring in a little extra cash for just doing what I would do anyways, which is working for a fitter and healthier lifestyle.
    Fedil recently posted…Decided to Become a Beachbody CoachMy Profile

  4. Sarah says

    I love your page, too! It’s laid out so simple and concise. I’ve been on the fence about coaching for a couple of months. I’ve done P90X3, twice, a modified version of the 21 Day Fix for 2 months and currently doing ChaLEAN Extreme all since January. I’m a huge Beachbody fan and love what they are trying to accomplish as a company. I’m not a pushy, sales person..I’m much more on the quiet and shy side. I see BB coaches on FB that really turn me off to the whole idea of coaching but then I see your page and I reconsider. I probably should just bite the bullet and sign up!!

  5. says

    Love this. BTW I’m Laura, a 40-year old mother to two lovely girls. After I had my second daughter I was frustrated and depressed about the way my body looked and felt. I couldn’t get back to where I was. I began my fitness journey just 3 years ago. On July 4, 2010 I began a P90X Challenge which changed my life. I felt great. :)

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