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PiYo Calendar | Full 60 Day Schedule & Workouts (PRINTABLE)

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The PiYo Calendar is 60 days of high intensity, low impact yoga and pilates routines. You’re going to love the results, and we’re outlining the benefits of both PiYo Schedules!

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PiYo Calendar - Workout Schedule

PiYo Workout List

With PiYo you’ll learn the fundamental moves first, and then begin to start flowing as you advance in the calendar.

The PiYo Workout List Includes:

  • Align: The Fundamentals(40 Minutes)
  • Define: Lower Body (20 Minutes)
  • Define: Upper Body (20 Minutes)
  • Sweat (35 Minutes)
  • Core (30 Minutes)
  • Strength Intervals (25 Minutes)
  • Drench (45 Minutes)
  • Sculpt (30 Minutes)
  • Buns (25 Minutes)
  • Full Body Blast* (30 Minutes)
  • Strong Legs* (30 Minutes)

*Streaming or Deluxe Package Only

The deluxe workouts require sliders – so make sure to grab those before hand!

Learn more about streaming with Beachbody On Demand

Heads Up! There are 2 PiYo Calendars to Choose From!

Both are 8 weeks long, low-impact, and use several of the same workouts. They both also get you amazing results.

Piyo Before and After

Should you do the original or Strength PiYo Schedule?

If you’re new to this workout, pilates or yoga, we’d recommend going with the original schedule. Then, you could do a second round with the PiYo Strength Schedule. This advanced schedule includes the sliders and the deluxe workouts, Full Body Blast & Strong Legs.

PiYo Basic Calendar Sorey Fitness

Save / Print Your Basic PiYo Schedule

PiYo Calendar Strength - Sorey Fitness

Save / Print Your Strength PiYo Schedule

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What You Need for the PiYo Schedule

You’ll want a yoga mat, water and a big enough space you can move around from side to side and back and forward.

You’ll also need the sliders for the strength workouts.

Could you do a PiYo Hybrid?

Absolutely!! There isn’t a reason you couldn’t do a hybrid.

Beachbody provides a PiYo T25 calendar and a PiYo P90X3 hybrid. 

We also put together a few of our favorite programs!

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Additional PiYo Hybrid Calendars

Don’t have PiYo yet?

You can stream it (along with 700+ workouts) with Beachbody on Demand

Get on Demand or Learn More About Streaming Here

Still love your DVDs?

No problem!!

Get PiYo on DVD or get a discount when you order PiYo with Shakeology!

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  1. I recently had abdominoplasty and lipo and am looking into trying PiYo again. My surgeon has instructed no ab work for 6-mos post surgery. I have the DVDs and think that I can safely do this with modifications and listening to my body.. I haven’t been moving much since surgery and I am so stiff! Now that my gut is out of the way, I’m ready to see what PiYo can really do for me! Do you have any suggestions for maximizing my workout while staying safe?