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Transform 20 LIIFT4 Hybrid Calendar | 6 Week Schedule

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I fell in love with strength training, but I wanted to add in a little more cardio. This Transform 20 LIIFT4 Hybrid helps you build lean muscle and burn more calories!

Shaun T and Joel Freeman Liift4 and Transform 20 Hybrid

Before Joel Freeman and Shaun T paired up to create their own LIIFT Transform 20 Hybrid  Calendar, I created one. Below you’ll find my hybrid schedule as well as how to grab their calendar!

Transform 20 LIIFT4 Hybrid Calendar

If you haven’t bought either program, please consider us as your Beachbody coach! If you use a link below – make sure it says Kalee Dillard is your coach upon checkout.

Check out our LIIFT4 Review or Transform 20 Review for more information on each program.

Transform 20 LIIFT4 Hybrid Calendar 

Transform 20 LIIFT4 Hybrid

Print or Save Your Transform 20 LIIFT4 Hybrid Calendar

If you run across a 50/59 or Circuit LIIFT4 Class, you should only be doing the weighted, lifting part of the program. You should skip the cardio and core part because you’ll get that from Transform 20. You can do LIIFT4 Intervals as-is though.

Week 1

Monday: W1 Chest & Triceps

Tuesday: W1 T20 Faster

Wednesday: W1 Back & Biceps

Thursday: W1 Shoulders

Friday: W1 Legs

Saturday: W1 T20 Balanced

Sunday: Rest

Week  2

Monday: W2 Chest & Triceps

Tuesday: W1 T20 Burn

Wednesday: W2 Back & Biceps

Thursday: W2 Shoulders

Friday: W3 Legs

Saturday: W2 T20 Balanced

Sunday: Rest

Week 3

Monday: W3 Chest & Triceps

Tuesday: W2 T20 Faster

Wednesday: W3 Back & Biceps

Thursday: W3 Shoulders

Friday: W5 Legs

Saturday: W3 T20 Balanced

Sunday: Rest

Week 4

Monday: W5 Chest & Triceps

Tuesday: W2 T20 Burn

Wednesday: W5 Back & Biceps

Thursday: W5 Shoulders

Friday: W1 Legs

Saturday: W4 T20 Balanced

Sunday: Rest

Week 5

Monday: W3 T20 Burn

Tuesday: W7 Chest & Back

Wednesday: W3 T20 Faster

Thursday: W7 Shoulders/Arms

Friday: W7 Legs

Saturday: W5 T20 Balanced

Sunday: Rest

Week 6

Monday: W8 Chest & Back

Tuesday: W4 T20 Burn

Wednesday: W8 Legs

Thursday: W8 Shoulders/Arms

Friday: W4 T20 Faster

Saturday: W6 T20 Balanced

Sunday: Rest

Print or Save Your Transform 20 LIIFT4 Hybrid Calendar

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 Joel Freeman and Shaun T

You can also grab the hybrid created by Shaun T and Joel here.

Whether you’re following their calendar or ours – you can plug into the Joel & Shaun community using the hashtag   #liiftformation and tagging @shaunt and @joelfreemanfitness.

They also have a Facebook group set up together.

80 day obsession meal prep containers

Your Nutrition

The LIIFT4 and Transform 20 Meal Plan are super similar. They both use the portion control containers to track your macros.

You can use either program’s meal plan, the 2B Mindset, or Autumn Calabrese’s Ultimate Portion Fix with this hybrid.

We personally use a 2B Mindset approach vs the containers.

Transform 20 Results Women before and after

View Transform 20 Results or LIIFT4 Before and After Photos

Both programs have amazing before and after photos.

Along with following the workouts and meal plan, Beachbody’s Performance Line can help you max results faster!

Our Favorite Supplements for the Transform 20 LIIFT4 Hybrid

  • Energize – 30 Minutes before each workout
  • Recover – After each workout
  • Recharge – Before bed after LIIFT4 workouts

You can view our full review of each supplement here.

Beachbody Summit Trainers

Another reason people see amazing results working out at home is because they have a coach helping them!

We’d love to help you decide if this is the right hybrid for you and help you with your goals.

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SoreyFitness' 3 Week Fitness Challenge

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What’s Included in the Beachbody on Demand Pack?

Beachbody on Demand is Beachbody’s streaming service. It includes access to over 700 workouts, nutrition plans, support and much more!

Beachbody on Demand Review

The Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack Includes:

  • 1 month of workout supplements (Energize & Recover) OR Shakeology
  • Annual membership to Beachbody on Demand with 700+ workouts
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  • Portion Fix Nutrition Guide & Recipes
  • Set of 7 Portion-Control Containers
  • Shaker Cup
  • Your own Beachbody Coach (like us!)

Ordering Options

Joel Freeman from LIIFT4

Should you be a Beachbody Coach?

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Have you done the Transform 20 LIIFT4 Hybrid?

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    1. Hey Krista! I don’t have a specific calendar I can offer, but I would do Transform 20 Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then Tuesday: Upper Fix, Thursday: Lower Fix, Saturday: Dirty 30. If you wanted you could do either Transform’s Balance or 21 Day Fix Yoga on Sundays, but it would be optional. I would follow the normal Transform calendar so like Burn would be Monday Week 1, Burn 2 Monday Week 2, etc. Does that help??

      Do you have a coach you’re working with? If not, we’d love to get you set up in our private client group!

    1. Not that I know of, but you could definitely make one!

      You just would want to make sure you gave your muscles time to rest. So you wouldn’t want to do Joel’s Legs and then do an 80 Day Obsession legs the next day. It might be tough since I know Autumn uses weights and total body moves a lot, but I think you could move around Cardio Core and Cardio flow to give you room for some LIIFT4 workouts and alternate the leg workouts.Hope that helps!