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LIIFT4 Results: Before and After Photos of Joel Freeman’s New Workouts

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After trying dozens of workouts, my LIIFT4 Results have been my very best! The mix of strength training, HIIT, and simplified nutrition helped me lose weight and build lean muscle like nothing else! The best part? It’s only 4x a week! See more LIIFT4 before and after photos below!

liift4 results collage of 4 before and after photos

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The LIIFT4 results are truly amazing.

Everyone in the Coach Test Group was already pretty well in shape, and they still saw great results. With that said, if you have 25, 50, 100 lbs+ to lose, we still think you’ll love this workout.

It’s really customizable and is a program you can do over and over again!

2B Mindset LIIFT4 Before and After Photo
8 Weeks Before & After

This is my before and after photo from LIIFT4!

I hadn’t been great about my diet, but I was still trying to eat “healthy” 80-90% of the time. My portions were just off a bit – especially on the weekends. Ironically, I working out longer in the first picture too!

In the 2nd photo, I committed to 4 days a week with Joel and sometimes would mix in a cardio or yoga class on Wednesday’s.

My Nutrition

I chose the 2B Mindset because I loved how it focused on the emotional side of eating.

I also think tracking macros would be a great option for this program because you need enough protein to see results in your muscle mass and tone.

More LIIFT4 Before and After Pictures

Coaches began sharing their LIFT4 Before and After photos after just one round as well! The following photos are from one round (8 weeks) or less!

LIIFT4 Results Weeks Joel new workout before and after photo

male liift4 results liift 4 before and after man LIiFT4 before and after LIFT4 before and after

LIIFT4 before and after photo LIFT4 before and after photo LIFT4 Results LIIFT4 Results

Is LIIFT4 Good for Weight Loss?

LIIFT4 is perfect for weight loss because HIIT can be super effective in burning calories and adding muscle to your body has been shown to actually increase your metabolic rate!! So you’ll be burning calories while you exercise and even after your workout!

Energize and Recover

How to Maximize Your Results

Since the workouts are short, intense and only 4x a week – I highly recommend Beachbody’s Performance line’s Energize and Recover!

Why Energize?

It helps us push through & not get as tired during our workout! Plus, studies show using Beta Alanine helps you get max results in 1-2 months so you want to take it regularly with your workouts.

Energize doesn’t have artificial ingredients or junk in it – so we feel strong not jittery (though the Beta Alanine can make you tingle a bit!)

Energize helps to:
– improve performance
– promote recovery
– delay muscle fatigue

Why Recover?

It’s helped so much with our next-day muscle soreness! It’s also designed to help improve your strength and lean muscle gains!

Learn More About the Performance Line

Joel LIIFT4 Cheat Day Halo Top

How does the meal plan help results?

The LIIFT4 meal plan is designed to help you see MAX results in 8 weeks. You can choose either the 2B Mindset like I did or the Ultimate Potion Fix.

Ultimate Portion Fix teaches you about macros (proteins, fats, and carbs) using the portion control containers. The containers are also used in popular programs like 80 Day Obsession and 21 Day Fix.

Also – if you’re struggling with the scale or just staying consistent, please reach out to us using the form below. We’d love to help you with your weight loss goals.

liift more cast

Does LIIFT4 or LIIFT More give you better results?

Both LIIFT4 and LIIFT More are effective. I’d recommend starting with LIIFT4 because the pacing a little slower, and you can learn proper form.

LIIFT MORE’s workouts are a bit longer, and he’s included an extra leg day per week! You’ll also need an adjustable bench, resistance bands, and dumbbells for the workouts. Another change from the original is that you’ll lift for 12 reps versus 10.

Learn More About LIIFT MORE Here

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What does a Bodi Partner do?

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  1. hi,
    My name is Laura. My Beachbody Coach used to be Alisha but she has quit coaching a few weeks ago. I’m doing liift 4 but I’m not goung down on the scale & my clothes are getting tighter? can you PLEASE help me with this problem, I don’t care 2 much about the scale, I know that will come but the tight clothes I REALLY care about? I’m following nutrition to a “T” this is also my 2nd round

    1. Hey Laura!
      How did you do in round 1 with your weight and results? Do you feel like its different this time?

      Have you changed your water intake? Upped your weights? If you’re feeling super sore sometimes your body will hold onto water. So it could be water weight – which you’d just want to drink more water (within reason) to help with it.

      If neither sound like what’s going on – are you tracking your food? I know for me – even with the containers, I sometimes have to track the calories just to see if I’m actually eating in my Plan’s range. I don’t have to count calories forever, but it helps me figure out if I’m eating too much or too little. Does that make sense? Would you be willing to try that?

      I’m also sorry to hear your coach quit. Are you looking for a new one? If so, we’d love to help! We offer a year-round accountability group with recipes, tips, challenges, and more. Would that be something you’d like? We have a lot of members who have done LIIFT4 with us! :)

      Talk soon!