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Beachbody on Demand Yoga Studio [Reviewed!]

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We are in love with Beachbody on Demand Yoga workouts! Before stumbling on their virtual studio, we wanted to improve our yoga practice, but classes made us nervous. The few classes we went to weren’t designed for beginners, and it was embarrassing versus enjoyable.

We started with the 3 Week Yoga Retreat for beginners and fell in love with the instructors! Then, we started using the studio workouts!

woman doing a tree yoga pose outside

These Beachbody yoga workouts have been such game-changer for us!

You’ll learn proper form and the names of many of the popular poses, as well as, build confidence in your practice!

The Beachbody on Demand Yoga Reviewed

The Beachbody on Demand Yoga studio includes yoga workouts ranging in difficulty.

The variety of yoga is wonderful including flexibility core, cardio, strength, flow, balance, meditation, and prenatal yoga practices.

New workouts are being added all the time too!

Most classes are between 25-45 minutes long, but your options range from 10-92 minutes!

There is also a 5 Day Yoga Challenge and the 3 Week Retreat we started with.

We also enjoyed Beachbody’s Unstress: 21 Days of Meditation for Relaxation, Calm, and Less Anxiety.

Beachbody on Demand Yoga Studio Review

Things we love:

  • Choose your workout by your goals or time available
  • The studio lists out any program’s yoga workouts in 1 place (P90X Yoga, 21 Day Fix Yoga, etc)
  • Attention to proper form and doing the moves correctly
  • Workouts show a modifier & intensifier
  • New workouts are being added each month
  • You can choose to follow a calendar or make your own
  • The price is right – $99 a year/ $39 a quarter
  • High-quality videos on a clean set
  • Easy to stream the workouts
  • The main trainers are all amazing.
  • Yves and Elise from the Retreat are our favorites!

Things we don’t love:

This is literally the only time we haven’t had much to say about what we didn’t like.

We enjoyed the variety of workouts, trainers, and the easiness of streaming. There really wasn’t anything we didn’t like.

We do hope they continue to add more calendars to incorporate more workouts in the future though.

Get a Beachbody on Demand with 700+ workouts including the Yoga Studio

Not sure about it? Try a Free 14 Day Trial First!

Beachbody Yoga Studio

Beachbody on Demand Yoga Programs

There aren’t set programs with the yoga studio; however, you can choose to follow a calendar or pick a workout based on its benefit.

Types of Yoga Workouts Available to Stream:

  • Stretch/Flexibility
  • Core
  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Flow
  • Balance
  • Meditation
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • 5 Day Yoga Challenge
  • 3 Week Yoga Retreat

How many yoga workouts are available right now?

Beachbody on Demand’s Yoga Studio currently has over 75 yoga workouts not counting the 3 Week Yoga Retreat.

They are also adding new practices all the time.

The beachbody on demand yoga studio instructors

Who are the Beachbody on Demand yoga instructors?

The main trainers are:

  • Bee Bosnak
  • Caley Alyssa
  • Desi Bartlett
  • Elise Joan
  • Faith Hunter
  • Gillian/ Teigh
  • Ted McDonald
  • Tony Horton
  • Vytas Baskauskas

Does Beachbody have yoga program on DVD?

At this time most of Beachbody’s yoga programs are exclusive to Beachbody on Demand and aren’t on DVD. However, you can get the beginners 3 Week Yoga Retreat on DVD now though! You can choose to do the Retreat multiple times as well.

Beachbody Yoga Studio Workouts Review

Beachbody on Demand is super easy to use!

You’ll be able to stream all of these yoga workouts, as well as, over 1400 other home workouts!!

This includes popular programs like 21 Day Fix, Morning Meltdown 100, LIIFT4, and 80 Day Obsession.

You can stream to your phone, computer, or tv using a streaming device.

The Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack with Shakeology and Workouts

You can get Beachbody on Demand on its own or as a challenge pack with On Demand and Shakeology.

Is there a Beachbody on Demand Yoga Calendar?

Yes. There are actually 3 calendars! They can be found on Beachbody on Demand’s desktop version under program materials.

The schedules are 30-Day Calendar, 14-Day Yoga Challenge Calendar, & 5-Day Recovery Calendar.

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Can you download Beachbody’s yoga workouts?

Beachbody on Demand members can download up to 7 workouts every two weeks.

You can mix and match the workouts, or you can choose to download only yoga workouts. We’ve outlined the steps to download the workouts here.

Would you ever stream yoga workouts?

Try The Beachbody on Demand Yoga Studio Free for 14 Days

After the 14 days, you’ll be signed up for a 3-month membership that renews quarterly for $39.95.

This includes the yoga studio, 1400 other workouts, meal plans and more!

If you’d like to learn more about the cost of Beachbody on Demand this post can help.

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    1. Hi Debbie! Yes! If you purchase a Beachbody on Demand membership (here’s the link), you’ll get access to all of the yoga workouts, PiYo, and a ton of other workouts! The only ones not included are the brand new workouts, and those are even added to your library about 2-3 months after they come out.

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