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2B Mindset Results – Before and After Pictures

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Beachbody and Ilana Muhlstein created 2B Mindset to help you lose weight without restricting yourself or cutting out food groups. But can you really lose weight while still enjoying your favorite foods? Below you’ll be able to see the amazing 2B Mindset Results that real people got from the program!

2b Mindset Results - Test Group Before and After photos

You can also get our 2B Mindset Review for more details on the program.

The 2B Mindset results are truly amazing.

Everyone we’ve known that has tried 2B Mindset, has seen results. Even if they weren’t working out, they were able to see weight loss from their diets!

2B Mindset Before and After Pictures

These photos are from real people that have been following the guidelines for a couple of months now.

Their 2B Mindset results included weight loss, inches lost and better energy!

2BMindset Results 2BMindset Before and After 2B Mindset Test Group Results 2B Mindset Review 2B Mindset Results Test Group 2B Mindset Results Side 2B Mindset Results Side View 2B Mindset Results Man 2B Mindset Progress 2B Mindset Progress Shots 2B Mindset Before and After 2B Mindset Before and After Pics weight loss 2B Mindset Before and After Over 50

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Is 2B Mindset good for vegetarians or picky eaters?

Yes! You can totally customize the plan to work for your dietary needs and preferences.

Collage of the Best 2B Mindset Recipes

What do you eat on the plan?

You can view our favorite 2B Mindset recipes here!

Can someone breastfeeding do this program?

Yes! There is a special addition for those breastfeeding or who are pregnant. This plan is designed to be a lifestyle choice so it can adapt to any circumstances.

Ordering 2B Mindset

There are 3 options, and each one is discounted until June!

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Best Value – Includes Nutrition Plan + Shakeology + 1 Year to Stream Workouts $200

Great Value – Includes Nutrition Plan + Shakeology $160

Good Value is 2B Mindset Only $99 ($20 off!)

Once you’ve ordered, please email us at thegirls@soreyfitness.com with your confirmation number, your coach’s name & friend me to be added to the Beta Group!

Beachbody Coach Discount

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If you’re thinking of trying 2B Mindset, you may also want to consider Beachbody Coaching.

You can coach for free when you sign up with a challenge pack which includes this program and Shakeology.

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You’d be welcome to join our 2B Mindset group and be apart of our team page with other clients and coaches. Does that sound like something you’d like?

If so, please email us at thegirls@soreyfitness.com so that we can help with any questions. You can also learn more about coaching below!

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Now that you’ve seen it works, we’d love to have you join our group!

You can also learn more about 2B Mindset or the 2B Mindset Book.

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