Calories Burned During Your Workout

One of the top questions I am asked as a coach is what is the amount of calories burned?

Calories Burned During Your Workout

Everyone’s body is different so of course everyone’s calorie burn will be different. It takes more energy to move a 6 ft 200 lb body over a 5’3″ 115lb body so the bigger person will burn more calories.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The best way to see how many calories you are burning is by using a heart rate monitor. I really like the Polar FT4. (Here is my full review on it)

If you are doing a Beachbody workout like Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Fire, ChaLEAN Extreme, Insanity, or 10 Minute Trainer , you can get an estimate of how many calories you are burning without a heart rate monitor.

Calories burned during…..

(plus the option to view a video of each workout if you are unfamiliar with it)

If you are using a tracker on a treadmill or an elliptical to figure out your calories burned, be careful. Cathe Friedrich has said that those over estimate your calorie burn because it doesn’t take into account that you burn calories just by being alive.

The above numbers are only estimates. It also matters how hard you work and how hard the workout is for you! Therefore, you should only use these figures as a ballpark figure. Make sure you are always eating at LEAST 1200 calories and then find what amount of calories allow you to get through your workout effectively.

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Fitbit Flex

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