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Meal Plans For a Healthy Body – Eat Clean Meal Plans

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While I would love to be super toned and 10% body fat, that dream doesn’t align with my other goals of being their for my business and family. That’s not to say someone else couldn’t do it, but it wasn’t right for me.

What can I say? I’m a 90/10 girl that is healthy and happy eating healthy 90% of the time and splurging on my favorites in moderation.

With that said, I still want to be healthy and have a strong body. I also want to look great in my clothes! It’s all possible though. Meal Plans Here’s my meal plans for building a strong body and balanced life. I’ll stick to a 1400 calorie diet (I’m 5’3″ 115lbs) and allow a small cushion for a treat here and there whether it be a small craving or a date night out.

Keep in mind, the meal plans’ calorie limit is still below the average woman’s recommended 1600 calorie diet so feel free to add clean foods to your plan, however, if you are a smaller frame and short (5’4″) like me…you may want to stay at this level. You may calculate your calorie intake here, but remember you are what you eat–use your calories on clean foods to get the full benefits!

Below is my meal plans for the next week. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, but I love being able to share and compare meal plans with everyone. Happy Eating!

My Meal Plans For a Healthy Body

M (1385)
Monday Morning Breakfast(approx 230)
Greek yogurt; berries (150)
Shakeology with milk (230)
Almonds 12 (75)
Stuffed Potato w yogurt cheese chopped chicken(450)
T (1330)
Greek Yogurt with berries (170)
Shakeology with 1/2 orange & 1 cup water (210)
½ Wrap w hummus, turkey, tomato, avocado & feta (250)
Hardboiled Egg & Tomato (100)
½ sweet potato, chalene spinach chicken (350)
W (1340)
Omelette (2 eggs), onions, spinach & tomato on toast (290)
Edamame (100)
½ Ezekiel wrap with nut butter & banana (250)
Orange & 10 almonds (150)
Chicken Soup with Butternut Squash (300)
TH (1380)
Cream of Wheat, flax, wheat germ, bee pollen, & egg whites, cinnamon (300)
Walnuts 12 (150)
Chicken Soup with Butternut Squash (300)
Greek Yogurt (150)
Chicken Wrap with Hummus & tomatoes (230)
F  (1400)
½ Ezekiel wrap with nut butter & banana (250)
½ apple or banana with nut butter (150)
Amy’s Black Bean Soup (approx 350)
Orange & 10 almonds (150)
Jerk Chicken Chili (approx 250)
Greek Yogurt with berries, flax, wheat germ, granola (300)
½ apple or banana with ½ of normal nut butter (100)
Jerk Chicken Chili (approx 250)
Shakeology with milk (230)
Spaghetti Squash (200)
S (see notes)
Ezekiel French Toast (240)
Shakeology with milk (230)
 ½ Ezekiel wrap with nut butter & banana (250)
 Carrots &Hummus (80)
 Chili and baked potato (300)


  1. I can’t WAIT for you to make the butternut squash soup! It’s AMAZING! I made it again last week, but I just shredded rotisserie chicken instead, it was so fast and easy! I hope you enjoy it :)

  2. Hi there. I’m 5’4″ like you but weigh 129 and would like to lose 10 pounds. I am hoping your 90/10 meal plan help me reach my goals. I am also just starting the Body Beast/T25 hybrid. Yikes!

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