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The Best Beachbody Workouts for Weight Loss in 2024

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Finding the best Beachbody workout for weight loss is easier than ever! We’ve found the top programs to help you find a workout you love and get great results quicker!

Below, we’ll share how to choose a workout, which ones are the most effective, and other weight loss tips we’ve found over the past decade!

At home workouts have been our favorite way to exercise since Tae-Bo and Buns of Steel were around on VHS. Since 2012, we’ve helped 1000s of women find a program to fit their lifestyle and see amazing results faster.

Below, we’re sharing everything we’ve learned over 10 years coaching to help you find the best fit for your life and goals!

Does working out help with weight loss?

Studies show that diet and exercise lead to greater weight loss than just focusing on one or the other. Plus, it’s been proven that you’re more likely to keep the weight off when you commit to a workout routine.

Part of the reason is because we want to create a calorie deficit to lose weight. If you told me I had to skip 500 calories per day, I’d probably feel like I was starving and lose my motivation quickly. However, cutting back 250 calories and exercising to burn 250 calories seems more realistic.

Kim and Kalee with Autumn Calabrese from the 21 Day Fix Workouts

Are Beachbody workouts for you?

If you’ve never worked out at home or tried a Beachbody workout before, you may be wondering, “Is this right for me?

The good news is, there is a workout program for everyone on Beachbody on Demand.

We love that the streaming membership is affordable, able to be accessed when we travel, and that the workouts are really high quality!

The variety is also really wonderful, and you don’t have to  commute to a busy gym or wait for a certain piece of equipment once you’re there.

If you love the community feel of a gym, we highly recommend reaching out to us or a Beachbody coach you may already know!

We offer a special, private accountability group where everyone can share their daily progress, ups and downs, goals, and more!  If you’d like us to be your coach and to join our private support group – send us an email at thegirls@soreyfitness.com.

Kim and Kalee with Shaun T

How do I choose a Beachbody Workout?

Spoiler alert: There is not just one Beachbody workout that is the best for weight loss. There are several!

We know you’re looking for the best Beachbody workouts for weight loss, and we’ll share our top fitness programs below. But before we get to that, we’d like you to ask yourself these 6 questions.

6 Questions to Select a Beachbody Workout

  1. How much time do I realistically have to workout each day? 
  2. What is my current fitness level?
  3. Do I want to workout a couple times a week? More than 4 times?
  4. What types of exercise have I enjoyed the most in the past? 
  5. Do I have or am I willing to invest in dumbbells and resistance bands, or do I need something that requires no equipment?
  6. Do I have a favorite Beachbody Super Trainer?

These 6 questions will help you choose the best Beachbody workout for your personal weight loss journey.

Beachbody Trainer Chalene Johnson

The Best Types of Workouts for Weight Loss

Research has shown that strength workouts and high intensity interval training (HIIT) are the best exercises for max results. Both types of exercises are going to push you to the max while you’re doing them.

But here’s the really cool part:: Your metabolism stays up after both types of workouts! This leads to more calories burned and fat loss!

Spoiler Alert: The best Beachbody workout for weight loss is the one you consistently do! So we’ve picked out our favorites that combine strength and HIIT workouts for maximum results. We hope out of these exercise program suggestions, you’ll find one you absolutely love doing!

Best Beachbody Workout for Weight Loss

We've found the best Beachbody workouts to lose weight!

Each program combines strength training and HIIT for max results in less time at home!

With LIIFT4, 80 Day Obsession, and 21 Day Fix Real-Time, you’ll never have to do the same workout twice with any of those programs!  This means you’ll never get bored, and your body will be constantly challenged!

Best Beachbody Workout for Weight Loss

If none of these Beachbody home workouts sound like the right fit, here are a few more fitness programs you might like.

  1. Focus T25 (Similar to Insanity workouts but a little easier)
  2. Country Heat (Dancing to country music)
  3. Let’s Get Up (Dancing to pop music)
  4. Tony Horton’s P90X3 (Like P90X, but they are only 30 minute workouts).
  5. Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Workout (Pilates and Yoga – Low impact workout program great if you have joint pain)

You may also like our full Beachbody Program Comparison.

2B Mindset LIIFT4 Before and After Photo
8 Weeks Before & After

How to Lose Weight with Beachbody

We’ve helped 1000s of women get started and see results with their weight loss. Below are the 5 critical pieces to getting results with Beachbody:

  1. Pick a workout program that fits YOUR lifestyle and stick with it
  2. Commit to a healthy diet – whether it’s Portion Fix, 2B Mindset, or just tracking calories
  3. Work with a coach and their support group
  4. Plan your meals and workouts ahead of special occasions, busy weeks, and so on.
  5. Show up each day and give it your best.

Also, if you’d like for us to be your coach and to join our private support group – send us an email at thegirls@soreyfitness.com.

Stream Your Workouts with Beachbody on Demand

Beachbody on Demand allows you to stream over 1400 different workouts from your phone, computer, or TV with a streaming device!

We absolutely love it, and it makes working out at home more convenient than ever before! You can get our Beachbody on Demand Review or a 14-Day Free Trial to see how you like it!

(Choose the 3-month option for the free trial.  After that, it’s $39.95 every 3 months)

With Beachbody on Demand, you’ll be able to stream 21 Day Fix, LIIFT4, 80 Day Obsession, and so many more for 1 price! It’s $74.97 every 3 months after your 14 day free trial or $119.88 a year (+30 day free trial of BODi) for your workouts.

workout equipment for 80 day obsession

You can also chose the Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack!

The Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack includes:

  • Either Energize & Recover (Pre-and Post- workout supplements) or Shakeology
  • Annual Beachbody On Demand Access 
  • Shaker Cup
  • Portion control containers (typically)
  • Nutrition Guide
  • A Beachbody Coach (That’s us!)

Beachbody on Demand and Shakeology or BOD with Workout Supplements

You can also choose to get Beachbody on Demand, Shakeology, AND the workout supplements for an even better deal!

chocolate shakeology recipe with bananas in the background

Do you really need Shakeology or the workout supplements?

We highly recommend Energize & Recover with the longer, more extreme programs like LIIFT4 and 80 Day Obsession.

Both supplements will help you feel your best and help your results. You can read more about Energize or the workout supplements here.

Shakeology is great if you’re not big on meal prepping your food!

We personally drink Shakeology for breakfast or lunch to stick to our nutrition goals, and it’s the easiest meal of the day to make!

21 Day Fix Meal Plan with Portion Control Containers

Your Meal Plan

Beachbody also offers two nutritional programs that work great with all of these workouts!

If you love the idea of tracking your macros or watching your portions, the Ultimate Portion Fix would be a great option.

On the other hand, if you struggle with emotional eating or feeling like a diet isn’t flexible enough for you, check out the 2B Mindset.

Kim and Kalee Sorey Beachbody Coach

Working Out At Home Resources

We love working out at home because it fits into our busy schedule! There’s no crazy traffic or a long commute to get to a crowded gym!

You literally set your own workout time, and you can get max results right in your living room! (If you’re just getting started exercising at home you may also like our 7 Must Haves for a Home Gym).

We’ve been working out at home for years — 10+ years now!

If you need support and accountability, we can help! We offer an online community and fitness tracker where you can log your workouts and progress each day!

To join us just email us at thegirls@soreyfitness.com or fill out this form letting us know more about your goals!

Need Help Finding the Best Beachbody Workout for Weight Loss?

We know that having several ordering options can get confusing! If you need help choosing the Beachbody workout program, please email us at thegirls@soreyfitness.com – we’re happy to help!

You can also check out our 21 Day Challenge to kickstart your results!

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