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About Beachbody Trainers & Their Best BODi Workouts

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If you’ve ever considered working out at home, you’ll probably recognize some of Beachbody’s trainers. They’re considered in the top of the at home fitness industry, and their workouts have been streamed thousands (if not millions) of times! Below we’ll share a little bit about each super trainer!

(Updated 2024)

Beachbody Trainers together

What’s the difference between a Beachbody Trainer and a Coach?

Beachbody trainers create the workouts and nutrition plans; whereas, a Beachbody Coach is someone who is passionate about their health and fitness and wants to encourage others to hit their goals as well.

  • A Beachbody Coach can be anyone – just like me or you! You may also hear coaches be called a BODi Partner.
  • A Beachbody trainer has to be selected by Beachbody and has a professional background in fitness.

We have a full guide on becoming a Beachbody Coach if you’re interested in earning an income with your workouts!


Kim and Kalee with Autumn Calabrese from the 21 Day Fix WorkoutsBeachbody Female Trainers 

Autumn Calabrese

Autumn is an award-winning bikini competitor, and the creator of the popular portion control containers found in the 21 Day Fix! She’s been with Beachbody since around the Fall of 2013, and her no-nonsense attitude has connected her with thousands of people!

Her workouts range from beginner to advanced, and they are approximately 30-60 minutes long.

Autumn’s Workouts

She also has a live version of the 21 Day Fix, a 21 Day Fix Super Block,  and a 4 Weeks for Every Body Block available on BODi.

Jericho from Beachbody

Jericho McMatthews

She is so much fun! Her spunky spirit comes across in each workout! She also one son, and she’s so motivating!

Jericho’s workouts:

She also has a Morning Meltdown 100 Super Block with new workouts in it on BODi.

You can also learn more about Jericho Mcmatthews here!

elise in a barre blend class

Elise Joan

She is super motivating and full of positivity. If you’re looking for a mindset shift while challenging every muscle in your body – she’s your trainer!

We also had Elise on our podcast! She shared all about her workouts and positive mindset on our podcast! You can listen to Elise’s full interview here!

Elise’s workouts:

If you love Barre Blend, she also has a ton of individual classes to stream on BODi, as well as, a Barre Blend Super Block with new workouts.

Kim and Kalee with Megan Davies

Megan Davies 

Megan is an NSCA-certified personal trainer and gym owner. She’s also the winner of The 20s and Beachbody’s newest trainer as of July 2020.
We had the chance to chat with her on our podcast, The Kim and Kalee Show! Check out the our full Megan Davies Interview!

Megan’s workouts:

You may also like her MBF Super Block that came out in 2023. It’s available for BODi members, too!

jennifer jacobs in workout clothes holding a resistance loop
Source: Beachbody

Jennifer Jacobs

Jennifer is a former Senior Peloton Instructor best known for her motivating indoor cycling classes! She joined Beachbody in 2020 with the creation of JOB1! 

Jennifer’s Workouts 

Chalene johnson's 131 method

Chalene Johnson

Chalene was one of the first Beachbody trainers to create fun, challenging at home workouts! All of her workouts offer something special, and you’ll feel like you’re working out with your best friend.

Chalene’s workouts:

Mes de Mas with Shakeology

Idalis Velazquez

She is an amazing trainer, and she was the first trainer to offer a workout fully in Spanish! We can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next!

Idalis’s workouts:

andrea rogers leading a workout class

Andrea Rogers

Andrea Rogers is formerly an OpenFit instructor, and she also owns her own studio in NYC. If you’re looking for lean, toned muscles, her workouts are great!

She also has a XB Pilates Super Block and XTend Barre Super Block.

You can learn more about Andrea Leigh Rogers here.2b mindset creator

 Ilana Muhlstein

Illana isn’t a Beachbody trainer necessarily, but we had to include her because of her 2B Mindset nutrition program. If you struggle with emotional eating, you have to check out her story and program.

There is also a 2B Mindset Super Block you may like.

Kim and Kalee with Shaun T

Beachbody Male Trainers

Shaun T

Who doesn’t know Shaun T?! His high-energy, positivity, and totally outrageous workouts are known all over the world! 

Shaun T’s workouts:

Shaun T also has two Super Blocks on BODi — T25 and B25 (Bike T25).

Joel Freeman from LIIFT4

Joel Freeman

We’ve known Joel since he was with another company, and you’ll never meet a nicer guy that will also kick your butt! He was recently on our podcast, The Kim and Kalee Show too! You can listen to our full interview with Joel Freeman here!

Joel’s workouts:

Joel also has a LIIFT4 Super Block on BODi now, and soon there will be a LIIFT More block as well!

tony horton summit

Tony Horton

There is a reason Tony has been around so long. He is amazing at what he does, and he’s just as passionate about the people that do his workouts as the programs themselves.

Tony’s workouts:

Amoila Cesar The Work Trainer

Amoila Cesar

If you’re looking for someone supportive but also willing to push you to your limits Amoila is your guy! He also has the first explicit at home workout ever with The Work!

Amoila’s workouts:

Chris Downing Shift Shop Speed Workout

Chris Downing

He is a personal trainer and past gym owner that really focuses on the mindset piece of your fitness results. We absolutely love him!

Chris’ workouts:

Sagi and Kalee Flexing

Sagi Kalev

If you’re looking to build muscle mass, look no further than two-time Mr. Israel bodybuilding champ, Sagi!

Sagi’s workouts:

beginner workout YouV2

Leandro Carvalho

Every single one of his workouts are a blast! Get ready to laugh and have fun while also burning calories and toning up!

Leandro’s workouts:

Joel Freeman from LIIFT4

Our Favorite Workouts

Out of Beachbody’s many workouts, our favorites are LIIFT4, Barre Blend, and the Yoga Studio or 3 Week Yoga Retreat.

All of these programs are available through BODi (formerly Beachbody on Demand).

Are there any individual classes from these BODi Trainers?

With a BODi membership, you can stream recorded live classes from most of these BODi trainers! There are strength classes with Joel AND Amoila, live Barre Blend classes, and a ton of great yoga classes included with a membership.


You may also like:

You can also check out our Beachbody program comparison for more workout ideas.

We also have put together Beachbody meal plans you may enjoy!

BODi membership screenshot across laptop tablet and desktop

Beachbody on Demand allows you to stream 100s of workouts to your phone, computer, or TV using a streaming device! You can even download Beachbody workouts using the app!


You can try it free for 14 days by selecting the 3 Month Option from the dropdown menu! 

Autumn Calabrese Shakeology

Do Beachbody Trainers Take Supplements?

While we can’t be 100% sure what each trainer consumes, they do recommend the Beachbody nutritional programs – Ultimate Portion Fix and 2B Mindset.

They also are shown drinking the performance line and Shakeology and eating Beach Bars. This is, of course, also probably in their contract.

With that said, we believe Autumn truly came up with the Ultimate Portion Fix because she brought it Beachbody before ever being known for her workouts.

We also believe that the trainers wouldn’t have signed on if they totally disagreed with what was included in the products.

Kim and Kalee Sorey Beachbody Coach

So what do Coaches do?

Coaches help people who want the help. We help people find the best workout based on their goals, workout preferences, and time available.

Then, we encourage them and are there to help with any questions they may have.

When they get amazing results, they may choose to also coach and help others in the same way. 

This is how we’ve been able to build an Elite Beachbody Team. It’s been pretty organic and not sales-heavy. 

You can learn more about how Beachbody Coaches earn an income as well.

Work with Us

We’d love to work with you! If you’re interested in hitting a fitness goal, check out our 21 Day Challenge!

If you’re interested in becoming a Beachbody coach, please use the form below!

Email us at thegirls@soreyfitness.com or Apply to Coach Now


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